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A Few Beauty Tips for a Brighter Smile

How to attain a captivating smile

A nice smile is vital for a good first impression. Why? Well, because it beams with self-confidence, openness and friendliness. This means that a person seeing you for the very first time is likely to instantly create a positive mental image about you. Furthermore, numerous researches show that smiling women tend to be perceived as much more attractive, which is also something that can give you a substantial advantage both on a date and a job interview. With this in mind, here are a few simple beauty tips that can help you get a much brighter and more captivating smile.

A brighter smile can be captivating
With some beauty tips, you can attain a brighter and more captivating smile,
which makes your more attractive as a person.

Choosing the Right Color

First thing that comes to mind when speaking about a brighter smile is the color of your teeth. Now, there are various factors that may affect the color of your teeth, some of which you have no impact on whatsoever. What you can do, however, is make them appear whiter by using the right choice of lipstick color. There are a few fail-safe choices, like berry, but overall, this mostly depends on your skin tone and complexion.

Choose the right colour for your lips
Select the right lipstick colour in line with your skin tone and complexion

Highlighting Your Lips

Speaking about makeup, most people automatically assume that it relies only on camouflage. Still, it also works on the principle of optical illusion. The best example of this is highlighting your lips. By applying lip liner and gloss and then combining this with a subtle concealer, you can make your lips appear substantially fuller. The key here is in contrast and although you don’t actually change the physical properties of your lips, what you do is make them appear as if they had gained in volume.

Highlight your lips
Highlighting your lips gives them an appearance of more fullness, which will add to your smile.

Adding More Bronzer

Up until now, we already went to great lengths to discuss how strong contrast intensifies your smile. Another way to enhance it is to use a bronzer. Using a darker nuance under your cheekbone and down the bridge of your nose will make your smile give out a completely different impression. Still, all things are good in moderation, so going too hard on bronzer may have a completely adverse effect.

Use bronser under cheekbones
By enhancing your cheekbones with a bronzer, done in moderaion, you will also enhance
your beautiful smile.

Whitening Your Teeth with Food

While the aforementioned three tips are more or less a common knowledge, not many people know that certain foods have the ability to whiten your teeth. For starters, foods like carrots, nuts and celery are great for your dental health, since they induce the greater flow of saliva. In turn, this prevents bacterial buildup known as plaque, which also prevents the development of cavities. Because milk and dairy products are filled with calcium, they are a logical choice as well. Finally eating a lot of fruit, like apples and grapes, is also recommended since its presence alone helps fight bacteria in your mouth.

Choose the right food for a brighter smile
Good, healthy teeth are essential for a brighter smile - these can be whitened with some
clever food choices to prevent bacterial buildup, which also happened to be healthy for you.

Visit Your Dentist

Finally, while makeup can get you some amazing results, at times this won’t be enough. Recently, there was a campaign for a local dentist, which portrayed people with wide smiles missing a single tooth. The most curious thing is that bystanders often completely missed out on fact that some of the people on the billboard had few fingers too many. Other images portrayed a phantom arm appearing out of nowhere and people completely missed out on this simply because they were focused on that one missing tooth. This turned a simple ad into a social experiment and today it serves as a perfect reason why a regular visit to an orthodontist is vital for the beauty of your smile.

Visit your dentist regularly
Being so essential to having a bright smile, your healthy teeth can be kept so
by good dental care, which includes regular visit to your dentist.

Having a captivating smile on a first date, job interview or high school reunion can make a difference between a complete success and an utter failure. Luckily, there are so many things you can do about it through both makeup and lifestyle choices. On top of it all, none of the aforementioned steps are particularly expensive or difficult. All in all, your smile is your own choice.

All above images courtesy of Creative Commons

Diana Smith

Author bio:

Diana Smith is a full time mom of two beautiful girls and a passionate writer. In her free time she enjoys writing interesting and informative posts on women's health and fitness related themes.

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