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5 Health Benefits Of Cannabis:
Everything You Need to Know

Therapeutic benefits of using Cannabidiol or CBD compound

Marijuana may be the most widely researched plant as many can't believe its wide range of therapeutic capabilities. Cannabis is a medicinal plant and can help with a wide variety of conditions, both physical and mental. The secret? Cannabis has two main cannabinoids: CBD and THC. CBD or cannabidiol is the therapeutic component of cannabis minus the classic high. Meanwhile, THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is another cannabinoid compound with medical effects but is psychoactive as well.

So, for weed to be therapeutic, it must contain more CBD. CBD is a very potent cannabinoid that is absorbed through our body’s endocannabinoid system or ECS. When CBD is absorbed, it can help ease countless conditions and in some strains, offer longer-lasting relief.

The marijuana or hemp plant
Derived from marijuana plant, cannabis is a medicinal compound with two
cannabinoids - CBD and THC - of which CBD provides various health benefits.

Cannabis can ease pain

The most common use of cannabis is pain relief. Both CBD and THC offer very potent natural analgesic properties and this goes for all types of pain. Potent strains with high THC are able to ease even chronic pain and post-operative pain while most CBD strains can deal with painful conditions like headaches, migraines, muscle pain, muscle strain, digestive pains, back pain, joint pain and so many more.

Cannabis's pain-relieving effects also go as far as easily inflammation. When you heal an inflamed tissue, you are also reducing pain in the area. This is why cannabis is used to relieve inflammatory conditions like migraines, arthritis, and many more.

To use cannabis for pain, some users consume cannabis traditionally by smoking or vaping. Some consume edibles orally while some take tinctures or oils under the tongue for immediate pain relief. Still, there are people who use CBD sprays, creams, and ointments. These preparations contain potent CBD or THC and are applied to the affected area. This method is perfect for muscle pains, headaches, back pains and so many more.

Cannabis can deal with stress, anxiety, and depression

CBD has a naturally relaxing effect. Most strains will make you feel very light, relaxed, and sleepy and thus, eases tension, helps you relieve stress and anxiety. You will also feel more positive, focused, and euphoric, just enough to ease depression.

Stress is a natural thing but if it becomes a daily worry, it can take a toll out on your mental and physical health. By consuming cannabis, you will learn to ease stress and anxiety safely and effectively. You can smoke or vape cannabis for fast and effective relief of stress or you can take an edible to give you long-lasting relief for stress and anxiety. Take note that cannabis will not replace your prescription medication so do not discontinue your medicines. Always take cannabis moderately to avoid side effects that can sometimes worsen your anxiety or stress.

Cannabis can help manage chemotherapy side effects

Chemotherapy is used to treat different forms of cancers but most patients don't complete their chemo regimen because of the very difficult side effects. The most common side effects of chemotherapy are nausea, vomiting, anxiety, poor appetite, and headaches.

Cannabis can help ease these side effects. Studies show that patients who medicated with cannabis after chemotherapy experienced fewer side effects. Also, these patients were able to complete their chemo treatment as they no longer needed to deal with these devastating side effects.

Patients use oral doses of edibles to help them cope during chemotherapy. Cannabis is all-natural and does not cause any dangerous side effects which can worsen chemotherapy side effects.

A saleswoman explaining health benefits of CBD oil to a customer
CBD oil and other cannabidiol products are very much sought-after because of
their therapeutic benefits for a number of medical conditions.

Cannabis can stop seizures and epilepsy

Cannabis with high CBD is known to help with different medical conditions and this includes seizures and epilepsy. Specific strains like Charlotte's Web were developed specifically for patients who needed help with seizures and fortunately, these treatments were successful.

Cannabis can stop seizures and epilepsy due to its natural effects on the brain. The cannabinoid can ease seizures and help heal the brain.

Old people suffering from cognitive decline can benefit from cannabis as well. CBD acts on a specific part of the brain that's responsible for early and quick cognitive changes and protects it. Old people can now remember better, care for themselves better, and will live better and fuller lives thanks to cannabis.

Cannabis can reduce eye pressure and prevent blindness

CBD and THC can naturally increase blood flow and this includes blood flow in the minute blood vessels in the eyes. This action reduces eye pressure and can help people who are suffering from glaucoma. When cannabis treatment for glaucoma is started early, your chance of curbing blindness also increases.

Using cannabis for a medical condition must be done with the help of a medical professional. You must always consume cannabis moderately to prevent any side effects. Finally, use only good quality cannabis products. Buy only cannabis products only from reputable dealers and suppliers to ensure quality.

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