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Tooth Extraction –
One of the Greatest Procedures

Facts about tooth extraction procedure and wisdom teeth

You must have heard about wisdom tooth. Didn’t you? It has been referred to the third type of molar tooth that develops at last. To be precise, its growth takes place around 18 to 26 years of age. It is believed that wisdom tooth reflects maturity of the person concerned. Its primary usage is all about grinding of food to enhance the procedure of digestion.

Though, its role is essential in terms of survival, but sometimes, it really becomes difficult to deal with the same. In other words, wisdom tooth leads towards dangerous and serious pain that makes survival difficult. In such scenario, tooth extraction seems to be the only way of escaping the pain.

Dental check up
When you suspect any teeth problems, a quick visit to the dentists for a check up might be
a good preventative, to avoid a more serious procedure of tooth extraction.

Why Tooth Extraction is Important?

No, you must not take the risk of extracting it on your own! You need to approach a highly experienced oral surgeon to carry on the procedure. In addition, you must not request your surgeon to extract all wisdom teeth in a single sitting, as it may lead towards complications. Though you will be provided with numerous sedatives, still it is better not to take the risk.

In case your wisdom tooth includes a gown, then its further development may result into certain infections. Its strategic location will lead easy deposition of food particles in the jaw. As brushing and flossing are not effective into this area, it may definitely lead towards serious infections followed by discomfort and pain.

What Happens in Case of Tooth Extraction?

The day you approach a reliable dental clinic, you will be having a consultation session with an experienced surgeon. After certain steps, you will be go for the procedure of tooth extraction. A date will be fixed, as per your convenience so that you may relief yourself from such a drastic situation.

Ready for tooth extraction
If a tooth extraction becomes a necessity, bear in mind that it will prevent
much more serious health problems later on - and not only of dental nature.

The night prior the extraction, it is recommended not to take any eatables. Doing so may result into nausea and vomiting by the anaesthetic used. Prior application of IV sedation, you will be provided with a local anaesthetic to the area around the tooth that needs removal. In case of multiple extractions, general anaesthetic is taken into usage.

Why Anaesthesia is Applied?

You must be wondering about the relation between anaesthesia and surgical procedure. In case it is not applied, then you will feel a lot of trouble at the time of surgical procedure. Thus, application of anaesthesia will let you not feel the pain enabling the surgeon to carry on the job in an easy manner.

Wisdom tooth removal demands professional exposure. Otherwise, opening up of the tissue all around the gum followed by removal of bone seem to be a hard nut to crack. Only an experienced surgeon will be able to carry on the procedure of tooth extraction in the best manner.

Sometimes, it requires breaking down of the tooth into smaller fragments to make the procedure easy. Once it gets removed, you are free from the pain. Application of dissolvable stitches will clear the wound. Thus, letting you move ahead.

Visit your dentist regularly

In addition to good dental care, getting regular dentist check ups are best way to
keep your teeth healthy and avoid having any serious dental procedures.

What to Do After the Extraction Procedure?

People fear the pain prior the procedure of extraction surgery. In reality, there is nothing to fear as the pain lasts hardly for 2-3 days. You need to take the antibiotics recommended by the surgeon to recover fast. You must stay away from smoking and any other types of toxins, as they affect surgical areas a lot.

In addition, you must avoid sucking by straw for a few days, as it may dislodge the clot that has formed over the extracted area. Though need to go through a little bit pain, but finally you may expect a healthy living.

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