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Beyond C

Bio En-R-Gy-C vitamin C

Vitamin C powder for increased energy, now called Bio Enr-gy C, available in powder form

200g powder


Discontinued product

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Vitamin C supplement

Beyond C powder contains high dose of Vitamin C and other ingredients that are essential for good health. Now renamed to Bio En'R-G'y C, Beyond C's large doses of Vitamin C will prevent illness by improving the body's defense and stress response.

Beyond C benefits

High dose of Vitamin C and other supplements in Beyond C formula provide many health benefits:

  - increased energy levels
  - improved immunity response
  - better heart health, and
  - protection from free radicals damage

Beyond C dosage:
One teaspoon of powder (3-4 grams), mixed with fruit juice or water, one to three times daily.

 Beyond C (Bio En'R-G'y C) is available in 200g powder pack size
 You can buy one or more packs of Beyond C powder
 Beyond C purchase price is in US dollars

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