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Conjunctisan A

Conjuctisan A info

Highly effective eye drops for treating the eye cataract and eye strain

20 × 0.5ml vials


Discontinued product

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This product has been replaced by Can-C eye drops, now available to purchase online.

Being over 15 years in use, Conjunctisan A eye drops have a track record of being safe for long-term use. Conjunctisan A has been especially effective in treating cataracts, with a reported 67% improvement rate. Some regular users have even reported some eyesight improvement after a prolonged use of Conjunctisan A eye drops.

Conjunctisan A eye drops benefits

Apart from being successful in the treatment of cataracts, Conjunctisan A eye drops offer other benefits:
 - stimulates natural healing process in the eyes
  - normalizes eye function
  - helps with eye strain
  - treats eye aging

Conjunctisan A dosage:
Break a vial and put 2 drops into each eye, two to several times daily. Store open vial in fridge when not used. Open vials should be discarded 24 hours after being opened.

How to buy Conjunctisan A eye drops
 Conjunctisan A is available in 20 × 0.5ml vials pack size
 You can buy one or more packs of Conjunctisan A eye drops
 Conjunctisan A eye drops purchase price is in US dollars

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