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Conjunctisan A

Conjuctisan A info

Highly effective eye drops for treating the eye cataract and eye strain

20 × 0.5ml vials


Discontinued product

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This product has been replaced by Can-C eye drops, now available to purchase online.

Being over 15 years in use, Conjunctisan A eye drops have a track record of being safe for long-term use. Conjunctisan A has been especially effective in treating cataracts, with a reported 67% improvement rate. Some regular users have even reported some eyesight improvement after a prolonged use of Conjunctisan A eye drops.

Conjunctisan A eye drops benefits

Apart from being successful in the treatment of cataracts, Conjunctisan A eye drops offer other benefits:
 - stimulates natural healing process in the eyes
  - normalizes eye function
  - helps with eye strain
  - treats eye aging

Conjunctisan A dosage:
Break a vial and put 2 drops into each eye, two to several times daily. Store open vial in fridge when not used. Open vials should be discarded 24 hours after being opened.

 Conjunctisan A is available in 20 × 0.5ml vials pack size
 You can buy one or more packs of Conjunctisan A eye drops
 Conjunctisan A eye drops purchase price is in US dollars

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