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Hema Gel

Hema Gel anti-cancer skin cream

Hydrophilic gel for accelerated wound healing, also effective against skin aging

5g tube


Discontinued product

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Wound healing gel

HemaGel healing gel delivers and effective and versatile treatment of different types of wounds. The gel provides accelerated relief from burns, skin cuts, blisters, surgical wounds, and more.

The basis of the gel comes from the discovery of hydrophilic polymers in the 1960s, which are used in soft contact lenses. These non-reactive polymers are also linked with free radicals binding technology later on, making this hydrophilic gel easy to apply on wounds and effective in accelerated treatment of the same.

Hema Gel benefits

This rapid wound-healing skin cream offers two key benefits in its fast and effective relief of skin wounds:

  • Moist wound healing - a moist layer that doesn't absorb into the tissue provides a barrier against outside toxins and prevents further damage to the wound area 
  • Removes free radicals - Harmful free radicals can cause pain and prevent healing. Hema gel helps remove free radicals from the wound and solves this problem. 

Moist wound healing

This form of dressing and burn treatment has been very common for centuries. Now this age-old type of healing process is becoming popular again. It involves covering the affected wound area in a moist layer that doesn't absorb into the tissue. Instead, this moist layer provides a barrier against outside toxins and prevents further damage. The body is thus allowed to heal itself naturally. This type of moist wound healing process has proven to be a quicker, less painful than dry wound healing.

Hema Gel dosage

Application guidelines for Hema Gel vary, depending on the usage of the cream. If treating an acute wound, such as blister, burn or cut, clean the affected area and cover it with a small amount of gel. Apply an adhesive bandage over it and replace it every 24 hours. For small facial wounds, such as acne or cold sore, apply a small amount of gel and leave it uncovered.

For treating severe or ongoing wounds, clean the wound area and remove dead tissue from it. Apply Hema Gel to cover the wound completely, and secure a low elasticity bandage over it. Keep the dressing airtight and replace it every 24 hours. Remember to always consult your doctor or physician for treating any chronic wounds.

 HemaGel cream is available in 5g tube pack size
 You can buy one or more packs of HemaGel cream
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