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ZeoGold Zeolite capsules

A completely natural toxin remover, which works to flush harmful metals from the body

30 capsules


Discontinued product

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Natural toxin remover

Zeolite is a crystal-like moclecule, extracted from volcanic ash. Our ancestors used Zeolite as a natural remedy for enhancing wellbeing and improving health. Zeolite has a honeycomb-like structure that attracts and traps heavy metals and other toxins, then expells them via urination.

Zeolite benefits

Comprising of micronized (nano size) particles immersed in energized water, Zeolite provides a rapid cleansing or chelation of the body, with the following benefits:

  - Removes heavy metals toxins from the body
  - Zeolite is more efficient at trapping heavy metals than any other detox product
  - It passes out naturally through the body
  - Zeolite is 100% natural

Destroys free radicals

ZeoGold destroys free radicals that cause cell damage and then cleanses the body from the harmful heavy metals, while leaving healthy minerals in the body. This is what makes ZeoGold different from other cleansing methods, which tend to purge the beneficial minerals, too.

How to buy Zeo Gold capsules
 ZeoGold is available in 30 capsules bottle pack size
 You can buy one or more packs of ZeoGold bottles
 ZeoGold purchase price is in US dollars

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