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How smart home technologies
help seniors live longer in their own homes

Assistive domotics help adult care in smart homes for seniors

The need for assisted living and adult care keeps growing now that the number of Baby Boomers has gotten to 8.4 million (February 2015). In the US, there are 5 major long term health care options: nursing homes, home health agencies, residential care communities, hospices, and adult day care facilities. Leaving apart these facilities, there are 43.5 million informal and family caregivers that offer care for somebody over the age of 50.

In the upcoming years, the demand for resources will increase. That might happen due to an increased aging population and life expectancy. By the year 2050, the number of people over 85+ might actually increase to 19.4 million, with individuals willing to pay for long-term healthcare services expected to get to 27 million.

Seniors prefer living at their own homes
With increasing life expectancy and decreasing availability of professional caregivers,
more seniors prefer to spend their old age at home with their family.

Seniors rely on their families to become caregivers

About two thirds of seniors in need of care depend on their loved ones. The bad news is family caregivers are stressed out, and apart from dealing with an insane amount of stress themselves, they can’t stop thinking that there’s no other way to make their loved ones feel appreciated but at home. Because there’s a continuous need to find a more scalable and viable solution to meet the high demand, a brand new wave of incredibly smart home technologies called assistive domotics have recently been made available.

Better known as a home automation application that center on enabling the disabled and the elderly to live comfortably in their home – on their own – without being forced to relocate to a healthcare facility, assistive domotics makes use of Bluetooth sensors to monitor movements within the home. The sensors can easily be placed on doors, pillboxes, keychains, etc. The exact location of the person living in the house is monitored with GPS; GPS also tracks logs activity, reports, and more.

The perks of smart homes for seniors

Allowing and encouraging seniors to live on their own rather than choose an adult health care facility doesn’t just help the families save money. It is an excellent way to improve life quality, both for you and for your loved one. There are many seniors that live in the countryside, or somewhere where they don’t have access to family members or health care facilities. In spite of this fact, they don’t want to leave their homes.

Smart home technologies help home living
Today's smart home technologies, which include assisted domotics,
help family caregivers to monitor many different issues related to seniors living at home.

Studies have shown that when seniors leave their homes, especially when they’re not in good health, they often end up getting injured. Assisted domotics can tackle this issue in more than one way.

Some of the perks of the smart home technology:

Emergency response

The technology has a panic button that instantly notifies your family (or sometimes even the authorities) of sudden emergencies such as falls and injuries.

Hearing & eyesight

Advanced alarm systems on doorbells, appliances, doors, and smoke detectors are a lot more efficient at notifying seniors with hearing or visual impairments concerning home related incidents.


With age, mental sharpness decreases and forgetfulness kicks in. This can trigger severe safety concerns. The capabilities of smart home devices are endless. Some of the most advanced have reminders that can turn off small home appliances, lock doors automatically, and even schedule reminders to help a loved take their daily pills.

Video monitoring

Both the inside and outside of your loved one’s home can be monitored from a distance. This assures them that they’re safe and sound even if they don’t go outside to check.

Modern machines with smart technology
Today's smart machines provide good additions to the smart homes for seniors

The materialization of assistive domotics

Considering the above mentioned benefits of assistive domotics, increasingly more brands now manufacture smart home products in an attempt to help seniors decide on the ones that best match with their needs. Some of the most well-known technologies that can help older people live comfortably in their homes without asking for constant care are:


An excellent product that provides instant access to emergency contact and services with just a click of a button. Lively additionally offer medication reminders, daily activity sharing, and even step counting.


The sensor technology pertaining to Evermind offers caregivers and seniors the chance to monitor the use of medical equipment and home appliances. For instance, Evermind’s sensors can monitor if power-driven medical gear such as wound care pumps or respiratory devices are in use. Furthermore, it also checks to see whether household appliances are on or off.

Daily Routine

An excellent app developed by SmartThings, Daily Routine assists caregivers stay more connected. It also sends instant alerts to notify in case important route deviations occur.

Bottom line is the perks of advanced technology are endless, and some of them might be extremely useful to seniors that still want to live alone, but are afraid that something bad might happen. Since a care home London doesn’t appeal to their senses, the best thing that they can do is learn how to use some of the systems we mentioned above.

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