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Buying Your Prescription Glasses Online
- What You Need To Know?

Follow these tips for buying prescription glasses online
to make an informed choice

Getting prescription glasses
Before you go shopping online for your prescription glasses, consider these tips and extra
information that will help you with selecting the pair of glasses that's ideal for you.

When you’re selecting your eyewear, your visual determines what type of glasses you’d use, what material would be best suited for your eyes and what should be the corrective lens shape. Besides, according to your style and convenience, you can choose the temple type and the design of the frame.

Here’s a glance at all different types of glasses that are on sale, today.

Types Of Glasses You Could Choose From Today

1. Corrective

These lenses are used to in correction of refractive errors, by bending the light as needed. They are prescribed in Myopia (near-sightedness), Hyper-metropia (far-sightedness) or Astigmatism. These lenses not only correct visual problems for the wearer but also lessen the strain on the eye. Most commonly used Corrective lens is a single vision which has ‘uniform’ refractive index.

2. Safety

These glasses are mainly used for protection to the eyes. These are used to shield the wearer’s eye from flying debris or any foreign material that otherwise would be considered as an irritant. Break Proof Plastic lens is used in such glasses. Some Countries have made it a rule to use such glasses in Dentistry and Surgical Procedures, such as Canada as of 2017.

Trying on prescription glasses
Once you have determined the basic needs for your eye glasses, it's time to choose
the best style that appeals to you, including safety and fashion considerations.

3. Sunglasses and 3D glasses

Though these are two separate kinds of glasses and also used for separate reasons, recent developments and spread of Fashion and 3D movies being released, the online market for such glasses is rising the highest. Sunglasses were used at a time for protection from extreme rays of light during days or avoiding high beams at night, have become more of a unisexual fashion statement. One can choose from different types of Sunglasses and colors online.

3D or 3 Dimension glasses are glasses which let the light get filtered when it reaches the eye. “Anaglyph”3D glasses use filters to do so; where as “Polarized” 3D glasses polarize the light rays to the eye so that the viewer finds the image in a three-dimensional view. Thirdly, an active 3D Shutter System is also used in many 3D glasses for the desired effect.

4. Other Types of Glasses, for Specific Use

In addition to the above types of glasses, there are also other types for specific use, such as: Yellow Tinted Computer/Gaming Glasses, Magnification Glasses (Bioptics) and Anti –Glare Protection Glasses.

Here are some of benefits of shopping for prescription glasses online:

  • When you’re shopping online for your prescription glasses, you get to choose from a variety of sellers and brands, which ensure you get the most affordable glasses.
  • When shopping online, you can easily opt for the 3D view and aesthetically looking glasses.
  • The purchases made for prescription glasses online actually help you to save money.
Choosing a pair of glasses
There is a number of factors that need to be taken into account, before you decide upon
the right pair of prescription glasses that are best suited for your eyes.

Things To Know While Getting Prescription Glasses Online

These additional points and extra information will further help you with making the right choice when shopping online for prescription glasses:

• Go for a seller who is offering durable frames from quality brands. You do not want your frames or lens to give away right after a day or week of purchase. Ensure the seller you’re purchasing from provides high-impact resistance prescription glasses online for children, high quality polycarbonate lenses and no-glare and no-scratch resistant treatments.

• Numerous online sellers do not apply for your vision insurance and thus, it is wise to opt for a seller who accepts your benefits and puts them to use so that you do not have to compromise between quality and selection.

• Many times, you’d prefer one additional pair while purchasing prescription glasses online, so opt for a shop that allows you discounts on an additional pair and has a variety of styles to choose from.

• Always go for trials before making the purchase to see if it fits perfectly and if you’re having any inconveniences.

• Choose a seller who would not charge you for shipping. Your seller should be quick with his delivery instead of delaying it.

The above tips for buying prescription glasses online should make your shopping easier and more informative, knowing what to look for.

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