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Vasopressin Vaso-Pro spray

All natural nasal spray for quick and fast memory recall

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5ml liquid bottle

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Vasopressin nasal spray

Vasopressin is a natural hormone produced by the body's pituary gland, to help the brain convert new information into memory and "file it" into its short and long term memory systems. But as with many of our hormones, vasopressin levels tend to decline with age.

This supplemental Vasopressin nasal spray will help you compensate for this loss of mental clarity. The spray acts relatively fast and enhance your short and long term memory recall. This will improve your concentration and help you stay focussed and ignore distractions. This is particularly important in learning, reading, public speaking and normal daily conversations.

Vasopressin benefits

Being used as nasal spray, this product's benefits are available more quickly than with oral medicines:

  - enhances mental clarity
  - improves cognitive speed
  - helps with concentration
  - promotes slow wave sleep, assisting cell and tissue repair
  - sometime prescribed for children bedwetting
  - likewise, helps adults minimize the need to urinate at night
  - has been known to increase production of the human growth hormone

Vasopressin dosage:
Apply one or two sprays into each nostril 15 minutes before a memory recall or concentration is required. It will act within seconds, as it's easily absorbed by the membrane in the nostril. The spray's effect will last up to several hours. Do not take Vasopressin before heavy exercise or swimming, or prior to drinking a lot of fluid or alcohol. Avoid if you suffer from cardiovascular problems.

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