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Zeolite spray

Detox mouth spray removes heavy metals and toxins from the body

Made in USA
Shipped from United Kingdom

2 fluid ounce bottle

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Zeolite extracts toxins from the body

Zeolite is a crystal-like molecule, extracted from volcanic ash. Our ancestors used Zeolite as a natural remedy for enhancing wellbeing and improving health. Zeolite has a honeycomb-like structure that attracts and traps heavy metals and other toxins, then expels them via urination.

Zeolite benefits

Comprising of micronized (nano size) particles immersed in energized water, Zeolite provides a rapid cleansing (chelation) of the body, with the following benefits:
  - removes heavy metals toxins from the body
  - Zeolite is more efficient at trapping heavy metals than any other detox product
  - it passes out naturally through the body
  - Zeolite is 100% natural
  - see also ZeoGold capsules (currently unavailable)

Zeolite dosage:
Suggested dosage is 5 sprays into the mouth daily. As Zeolite works fast, you might see the first results within 5-7 hours. Urination could become more frequent and darker, as toxins are being cleansed from the body.

 Zeolite is available in 2 fluid ounce bottle pack size
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