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1st Line Thiocyanate

1st Line OSCN kit

An antibiotic alternative, your first line of defence against bacterial and viral infections

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Shipped from United Kingdom

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Antibiotic alternative

1st Line Thiocyanate kit is a unique and safe alternative to taking antibiotics. Instead, 1st Line uses the body's natural defenses to improve immunity. By combining it with water, it becomes a drink with thiocyanate ions.

1st Line Thiocyanate is your first line of defense against a bacterial or viral infection, helping your body's natural immunity to fight cold, flu and viral infections.

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1st Line Thiocyanate dosage:
For mild infections, take one single does and repeat it the next day if needed. For a more persistent infections, take two doses, for two days in a row, one in the morning and one in the evening. Heavy infections might require four doses on the first day and then 2 doses each day for 3 days. more precise dosage intructions are included with the product.

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