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ACF228 Capsules

ACF228 Capsules in blister pack

An antioxidant supplement that will defend you against free radicals damage, by reducing cell oxidation

Made in India - Shipped from United Kingdom

50 capsules in blister pack
safe for vegetarians

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ACF228 supplement

This antioxidant supplement is designed to fight free radicals on multiple levels, help reduce the risk of cancer and fight factors that hasten aging process.

Designed by the world authority in antioxidants, Nobel Prize nominee dr Richard Lippman Ph. D., ACF228 is a nutritional supplement that protects against free radicals damage.

In addition to these capsules, your can also purchase ACF228 Inhaler at our Health products store.

Free radicals scavenger

As we breathe, we consume voluminous levels of oxygen. This oxygen is burned in our cells by the mitochondria. One of the by-products of this burning process are free radicals, or "superoxides". If left unchecked, these free agents cause oxidation damage to our cells.

While the body will defend itself against free radicals by converting them through a process into water and oxygen, some will escape this natural defence and wreck damage at the cellular levels. This causes much of the damage that we associate with the aging process and degeneration, which can lead to many diseases, including cancer.

ACF228 helps the body's natural defences by enhancing the body's ability to fight free radicals more effectively. In amongst other ingredients, ACF228 contains Vitamins B6, B12 and folic acid, Iodine, L-Carnosine, Selenium and Potassium. These make ACF228 a powerful antioxidant formula to strengthen the body and fight the aging process.

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ACF228 dosage:
Dr Lippman's protocol suggests taking one capsule per meal, or 3 times a day, to reduce oxidative damage and slow aging process at the cellular level. This regimen should be followed for one month to improve blood test scores.

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