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Boluoke capsules

Boluoke Lumbrokinase capsules

Prevent coagulation of blood platelets (blood clots) with Boluoke Lumbrokinase supplement, used for blood-thinning treatment.

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60 capsules

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Improve your circulatory health

Boluoke (Lumbrokinase) capsules are used to improve circulatory health by preventing coagulation of blood platelets and forming of blood clots. This is done by safely hindering a protein that is instrumental in blood coagulation. Boluoke will improve your blood circulation and prevent potential heart attacks and strokes.

Boluoke Lumbrokinase contains earthworm fibrinolytic enzymes (EFE). These enzymes break down fibrin, a key protein that's known to cause unhealthy clotting of blood. It was discovered centuries ago by the Chinese, but became known only recently in the rest of the world.

It was a Japanese scholar who was amongt the first to successfully extract this firbrin-dissolving enzyme from Lumbricus rubellus in the 1980s. These enzymes are particularly useful because they don't attack healthy proteins, only fibrin. The formula in Boluoke has been precisely measured, to work well in the finely balanced blood circulatory system.

How to purchase Boluoke capsules

 Boluoke capsules are available in 60 capsules pack size
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Boluoke capsules dosage:
Standard recommendation is to take 1 capsule one to three times daily. This should be done 30 minutes before meals. If you have an allergy to corn, earthworm or lumbrokinase, you should not take this supplement. Always consult your physician.

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