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Can C Plus

Can-C Plus capsules 

Protect your eyes health with these Carnosine capsules, which are best used in synergy with Can-C eye drops, for maximum benefit

Made in India
Shipped from United Kingdom

90 capsules
(now in blister packages)

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Can-C Plus capsules

This new patented eye-health formula has been developed by the same people who developed the acclaimed Can-C eye drops. IVP created this eye capsules product to complement their eye drops.

When using eye drops to keep their eyes healthy many users also take oral eye supplements. This doesn't pose any problems in itself. However, many other oral eye supplements contain lutein and astaxanthin. While useful in keeping eyes healthy, these two ingredients could compete with N-acetylcarnosine (found in eye drops).

Can C Plus benefits

Synergistic combination of ingredients in Can C eye drops and Can C Plus capsules makes both the drops and the capsules even more beneficial to the eyes.

How to purchase Can-C Plus

Can C Plus is available in 90 capsules pack size
 You can buy one or more packs of Can C Plus capsules
 Your purchase will be made via encrypted HTTPS page
 Can C Plus purchase price is in US dollars

Can C Plus dosage:
Take one capsule two or three times daily. If you want to achieve maximum benefit, combine Can C Plus capsules with Can C eye drops.

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