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Symprove Mango & Passion Fruit

Symprove Probiotic - Mango and Passion Fruit flavour

Flavoured Mango and Passion Fruit Symprove probiotic for a healthy gut and help with the IBS

Made in Europe
Shipped from United Kingdom

4 × 500ml liquid bottles

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Symprove Probiotic

Symprove is a water-based multi-strain supplement containing 4 unique strains of live and active water based bacteria:

  • L. rhamnosus,
  • E. faecium,
  • L. acidophilus,
  • and L. plantarum.

Symprove has proven very popular since we introduced this probiotic that has been shown to be much more effective than 7 other brands on the market. The general rule for any probiotic is that it has to arrivesurvive and thrive, of which 100% of the live bacteria within Symprove all do.

Treat IBS with Symprove

Symprove has been shown to be particularly impressive at treating IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), thought to affect up to 15% of the worldwide population. A study carried out at King’s College Hospital London patients received with Symprove or a placebo. After 12 weeks there was a statistically significant improvement in overall symptom severity in those who received Symprove.

We have now added a Mango & Passion Fruit flavour option to our popular Symprove Probiotic range. Not only have we introduced the new flavour, we have also reduced the price to only $94.99 for a pack of 4 × 500ml bottles.

Why Symprove works

There are 3 important reasons why Symprove probiotic works the way it does:

  • Symprove is alive and active when it arrives from the bottle.
  • Water-based so won’t trigger digestion, hence survival in the stomach.
  • Bacteria work together ensuring they thrive in the intestines.

Flavoured Symprove Mango & Passion Fruit dosage:
Gently shake the bottle before using the liquid. Take one cup of Symprove liquid every morning appoximately 10 minutes before you eat or drink. The cup is conveniently included with the product. A one-cup dosage delivers approximately 10 billion colony forming units of live and active bacteria.

 Symprove Mango & Passion Fruit liquid is available in 4 × 500ml bottle size
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