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Are You Contemplating a Massage Business?
Some Essential Tips for the Road Ahead

Starting a Massage Therapist Business

If you are considering starting your own business, you could do a lot worse than starting a massage therapy business. The popularity of manipulative treatments is still on the rise as people look for different ways to heal, rather than taking medicines; and this is especially true for massage as it has been shown to be a benefit for low back pain sufferers. As with any business, you will need a business plan and be aware of all the rules and regulations surrounding the particular business you start. However, for those who simply want to understand the main things you need to consider from the working part of a business, here are some of the most important things you will need to consider.

Massage Therapist Schooling Process

For those looking to become a massage therapist, they will need to go to a schooling process. They will study such basic things as the formation of the body, the location of muscles and the understanding of how the body works. From here, the student will learn to apply the massage in order to treat any of the needs that the patient may have. There are a number of other methods that can be used as well. For example, students will learn about hydrotherapy in which a level of massage therapy is applied with the use of water.

Complete Quality Training

Undergoing the best training you can is essential, as people need to know they can trust your treatment. There are many different forms of massage, and taking a combination of courses and becoming certified in different areas will give you the edge over any competition; especially if you can offer both therapeutic and healing massages. Whether it is necessary or not, you should always be licensed and certified to practice your profession, and expanding your knowledge will give you a reputation among peers as well as clients.

Choose a Great Location

Massage is a popular way for
healing one's body and improving health and wellbeing.
Your location will determine several things about your business, and it needs a lot of thought and research. Starting a business like a massage business means that, at first, your customers are likely to be local people, and that is why you need to be in an area with large numbers of people walking through; customers need to see your business. Paying more for a property with a higher volume of potential clients is always worth it until your name becomes well known in your area.


The facilities you supply will help you define a suitable price for your services, and if you supply shoddy facilities, people will expect cut price massages. You should have a clean, roomy changing/shower area, and you will need to be able to control the temperature in the changing area as well as in the massage room. Pay particular attention to lighting and have control over it too, so that you can set it as dim or bright as a client requests. A great touch is to have fragrances relaxing your clients, and if you can supply refreshments before and after, you will add a touch of class. Setting the atmosphere for each client will ensure return visits and that is what any service business needs.

Choose Your Equipment Wisely

A good masseur or masseuse will be able to work with the minimum of equipment, but that will not make the impression you want for a successful business. Your major expense will probably be your massage table, but if you start with a high quality massage table like those available from, you will impress your clients and have a table that you can use for years in the future. You will also need to buy other massage essentials like a table warmer, a variety of oils and lotions, essential oils, towels, blankets and sheets, a variety of pillows, a comfortable chair, as well as any specialist equipment for other treatments you may offer. Choosing to buy inferior quality products makes you look cheap and is usually a false economy, and you should only buy equipment that has been designed for a specific task.

The requirements of running a business are different to the practice of massage, but these tips will give you an idea of the best way to give your massage business a head start.

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