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Know About Gynecology Chair and Its Advantages

The benefits and features of a comfortable gynaecology chair

A gynecology chair is one those chairs that is kept in a gynecologist’s office, allowing him/her to perform examinations on their patients. A good chair is one that allows the doctors to perform their duties on the patients with ease, and offers comfort to both the patient and the doctor.

There are many advantages of choosing a comfortable gynecology chair to perform gynaecology examinations on the patients.

Gynecology chair is used for gynaecological exams
Gynecology chairs are used by gynecologists for patient examination and should have
some of the essential features that make it comfortable for both the patient and the doctor.

Gynecology chair features

Some of the features of a comfortable gynecology chair are:

1. The chair has an adjustable back rest with springs to allow the patients to be comfortable in the desired position.

2. The upholstery must be removable as well as waterproof, as many liquid products are used on the patient which may damage the chair.

3. The chair must have adjustable seats with a recliner facility, which can be regulated by an electric actuator.

4. The chair should be one which is integrated with roll paper, which can easily be used to the advantage of the doctor and the patient both.

5. The frame of the chair must be made from stainless steel to allow longer durability to the chair.

6. The chair must have an impressive weight capacity of at least 150 kgs to support the weight of the patient.

7. The right chair should be supported by a colposcopy holder as well as a recto scope cushion.

8. A sterilized pan made of stainless steel which has a sliding and removable feature should be equipped with the chair. The stainless-steel pan must also be equipped with a splash guard cover and a drainage tube.

9. The chair must be comfortable, easy to rest on so that the patient is comfortable and at ease when resting on the chair.

10. The chair should have pedal control as well as wheel support.

11. It must also contain hand grips for the patient to hold on during the examination process.

Good gynecology chair should be comfortable
Chair comfort is a very important feature for gynaecology medical chair,
which ensures that patient is comfortable, thus making gynecologist's job much easier.

Designed for total comfort

What are some of the advantages of a gynecology chair to the patient?

A good chair is one that provides total comfort to the patient during the examination process. It is made of soft material which allows the patient to be comfortable and at ease. The advantage of a well-designed chair is that it allows the patient to mount the chair with ease, and sit or lie down comfortably during the gynaecological exam.

A good quality chair ensures proper hygiene, safety and accessibility to the patient. The chair also has a sterilized stainless pan which can be removed to ensure complete hygiene to the patient. The chair has an adjustable back rest and stirrups with springs, allowing the patient to adjust her position according to the needs of the doctor so that the examination can be conducted without causing any pain or discomfort to the patient.

Doctor advantages

The advantages to the doctor are:

  • The chair is integrated with a roll paper, which allows the doctor to maintain proper hygiene for the patient without any hassle.
  • The chair is in-built with various facilities such as tilt, height control, back rest adjustment, etc. so that the doctor can adjust the position of the patient according to the need of the examination.
  • There is a unique foot control unit which allows the doctor to adjust the position of the patient and her chair without having to get up from her position. This gives the doctor better flexibility.
  • The chair comes with an electrical unit which the doctor can control manually, thus not having to add any pressure while adjusting the chair.

Choosing the right chair for gynecological purpose is very important. It can be greatly advantageous to both the doctor and the patient.

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