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What Are the Types of Doctor Examination Tables?

There are many uses for medical examination tables

Medical tables are the most important parts of every doctor’s cabin regardless of how he or she is running a hospital or a clinic. They are so unique and helpful that doctors often completely rely on them for examination and inspection purpose of their patients.

But, it is seen that it is the most ignored furniture in the clinic, and people pay attention to it only when there is damage found on it or when the table becomes uncomfortable. Other than that, the doctor's examination table is the most seamless part of any medical experience.

Doctor's examination table
Doctor's examination tables provide many different functions, so their sizes and shapes
can vary to accommodate different medical examinations and different patient needs.

Function of Doctor's Examination Table

There are several types of doctor tables available in the market where every piece of furniture has its own set of features and specifications. Some of the tables are made of simple flat slabs, metals, or wood whereas; others are made of highly complex features. The most liked tables are the machines that are highly adjustable, comfortable and can accommodate a wide range of patients with different problems and sizes.

You also find doctor examination table that can expand to a length of around 7 feet and can examine patients who weigh more than five hundred pounds. The height of these tables is also adjustable, and it can be lowered to around 18 inches from the ground and can be raised to about four feet in height. The knee crutches and gynecological stirrups are optional in these tables.

What Are the Standard Features of Medical Examination Tables?

Most of the doctor examination table found in our times comes with extra pads and seamless cushions that are very comfortable for patients to lie on. All the table surfaces are stain, dent, and rip-proof; they can be easily disinfected and can be wiped out completely dry. Other important features of doctor examination table include the mechanical controls; the drain pan made of stainless steel, adjustable headrest, a roll holder made of concealed paper, and articulated kneelers.

Most of the modern tables also come with an arm board or two, collapsible side walls, vision screen, and hydraulic foot pedal controls. Most of the premium models available in the market today come with programmable configuration settings.

Medical examination table
Medical examination tables are meant to be comfortable, yet sturdy and resistant to
constant use, easy to disinfect and keep clean and dry.

Special Tables for the Obese Patients

The tables specified for obese patients are the bariatric tables that have become quite popular in the past decades because of the increasing rate of overweight patients. These tables can handle 800-900 pounds or even more.

The bariatric tables are quite wider in breadth as compared to their other counterparts, and most of them are equipped with extra cushioning for the comfort of patients. The knee crutches in bariatric tables are large than that of the standard medical table.

The Imaging Tables

The radiolucent tables are the ones that are highly equipped medical treatment tables specifically designed for using with imaging processes. These are the tables that are made from powder-coated metal and come with a laccolite padding feature that reduces the production of static electricity. Some of the common features of radiolucent tables include IV pole and adjustable side rolls.

Some of them are only equipped for ultrasound processes. These tables come with a collapsible leg expansion that can be lowered for easy accessibility while pelvic imaging, etc. The radiolucent tables are the best for gynecological and urological examinations. The doctor examination table is a fascinating equipment piece found in the medical premises that help the professionals as well as the patients for excellent medical examinations and investigations. They will surely continue to evolve and offer more and more benefits in the coming years to the caregivers and the patients.

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