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Mental Disorders

Mental illnesses can be successfully treated

According to a survey by the American Psychiatric Association (APA), one in five Americans suffers from a disagnosable mental disorder. Many people know little or almost nothing about the warning signs, causes and effective treatments for mental illness. Yet, each year more people suffer from mental disorders than from cancer and diabetes combined.

Our articles should go some way to help you better understand these illnesses, how to deal with them and help others cope with it. By learning more about these mental disorders, you may be able to help someone who may be suffering from a mental illness, to lead a healthier and happier life.

  Help with mental disorders
Adolsecent Self-Harm Disorder

Adolescent Self-Harm Disorder

ASHD is an Impulse Control Disorder, where teens repeatedly harm themselves by cutting or burning. This addiction-like behavior is considered to be an outward expression of the severe underlying feelings of shame, guilt, anxiety, depression and low self-esteem.

Autism and PTSD Resources

Autism and PTSD Resources

Those diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or Autism spectrum disorder often face legal and medical challenges. It is vital to get properly educated on various legal and medical topics involved in these chronic conditions, to be able to get the proper treatment and services.

Child Support With Special Needs

Child Support For Special Needs Child

Not everyone is trained or educated to care for a child with special needs. But if you are a parent with such a child, you know how invaluable is to be compassionate and to show support for your child. Here are some extra tips to help you improve your ability to care for your spcial needs child.

Childhood ADHD into Adulthood

Childhood ADHD into Adulthood

ADHD is not easily identified during childhood, as such hyperactive behavior is often dismissed as the general children misbehavior. It is also estimated that ADHD can also develop during the teen years or even later, leading to the individual's problems in the adult life.

Counseling Services in Dallas

Counseling Services in Dallas

When a person suffers from mental health issues or illnesses, it's important to seek help from a licensed professional counselor. Initially one could be a little overwhelmed by the choice of options. But if you follow a few basic tips, you will find it easier to locate the counselor best suited for you.

Depression After Parent Loss

Depression After Parent Loss

No matter what your age is, it's always difficult to come to terms with a loss of a parent. It always seems to come too soon and after the intial shock and grief, you might end up dealing with depression, too. You have to learn how to cope with parent loss, without becoming depressed.

Exercise and Alzheimer's

Exercise and Alzheimer's Prevention

Alzheimer's disease usually affects some people after the age of 65 and some even younger. Known as one of dementia diseases, it affects one's memory. The good news is that one recent study shows that simple walking exercise can help re-establish and improve brain functionality.

How to Stop Smoking Weed

How to Stop Smoking Weed

An addiction is always a serious problems, whether it's being addicted to weed or other substances or behaviour. There are some fundamental reasons why people get addicted. Trying to better understand those can help you deal with your addiction. Here's an addict's guide to stop smoking weed.

Inpatient Drug Rehabilitation

Inpatient Drug Rehabilitation

Getting away from an addiction is never easy. But when you make a strong commitment there are ways and programs in which the process is easier. There are two types of rehab programs: inpatient and outpatient. Here we deal with various benefits of inpatient rehabilitation programs.

Intervention Services Help

Intervention Services Help

When you have a loved that suffers from the drug or alcohol addiction, it can be difficult to know how and where to find help. It's a known fact that an addicted person will not receive the help they need until they realize they have a problem. Intervention services work with the family to help the addict.

Journaling in Recovery

Journaling in Recovery

In this day and age of always-on connectivity, it is pleasant to discover that many adolescents still enjoy keeping a diary. Journaling is a smilar activity for youth and adults, which can serve a more serious purpose. It provides a host of benefits for those who keep a journal as a rehabilitation aid.

Pros and Cons of 12 Step Program

Pros and Cons of the 12 Step Program

When you suffer from an addiction, you're always looking for a solid approach to get rid off it. Traditionally, addicts have used the 12-step program, with varying degrees of success. This approach, though, is not the be all and end all for addiction. There are other methods for becoming addiction free.

Special Needs Occupational Therapy

Special Needs Occupational Therapy

When you have a child with special needs, occupational therapy can be very effective in helping your child to develop his or her abilities and skills, for carrying out day-to-day tasks. This is best done with parents and therapist work together, by sharing their insights with each other.

Mental illness is treatable

Research shows that mental illnesses or mental disorders are caused by genetic and environmental factors, traumatic events and other physical illnesses and injuries. But a great many people believe that emotional or personal weaknesses or old age are the causes of mental illness. As a result, many won't seek the helpe they need, feeling that they're at fault, or it can't be treated.

Mental illnesses are real and treatable. According to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), the rate of successful treatment for depression (70 to 80 percent) is much higher than the rate for other chronic illnesses such as heart disease (45 to 50 percent).

Mental disorder can exhibit through an addiction
Different additions, such as drug and alcohol abuse, are serious health issues that have to be treated as mental disorders.

Warning signs of mental illness

As with any illness or disorder, there are warning signs of mental disorders. They include:

  • Change in personality
  • Inability to cope with problems and daily activities
  • Marked changes in eating or sleeping patterns
  • Extreme feelings of highs and lows

These are just some of the warning signs of a mental illness, such as depression or anxiety disorder.

Less than half people feel well equipped to understand and identify the basic warning signs of a common mental illness, such as depression, anxiety, or post-traumatic stress disorder. But majority of people would like to know more about mental disorders and how to identify these warning signs.

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