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Is It Better to Opt for Inpatient Drug Rehabilitation?

There are practical advantages of inpatient rehab programs

Getting away from an addiction is never easy, irrespective of the way you choose to do it, but as long as the commitment is strong enough, there are proven ways in which the process can be made easier. Basically, there are two types of rehabilitation programs that can help: inpatient and outpatient.

Outpatient programs are right for patients who can’t afford to lose the time or the money that is necessary to get yourself admitted for an inpatient program. They still do provide effective medical, psychological and emotional support, but due to the limited scope of those aids, the success rate isn’t very high unfortunately.

Inpatient programs at a renowned drug rehabilitation center, on the other hand, usually have a very high rate of success due to multiple advantages embedded in their very structure.

Addictions are best treated at inpatient rehab centers
Alcoholism and drug related problems can wreak a havoc in the lives of the sufferers
and their families, which is where inpatient rehabilitation programs can help.

5 Benefits of Inpatient Rehabilitation

Let’s now take a look at some aspects of inpatient rehabilitation programs to understand why they might be better for you, provided that they are a feasible option in the first place.

No time for boredom

It can be surprising for many to find that a large number of people who resort to substance abuse, do so out of boredom more than anything. Boredom often comes when you have too much time on your hands and in case of a person who already has developed the addiction, boredom and free time can be very powerful instigators. When the addict is admitted fulltime during the course of his/her treatment, every day is designed in such a way that he/she isn’t given any free or lone time at all. This not only helps to keep boredom at bay, but it also doesn’t give him/her any time to even think about the substance of addiction.

24 hours Support

Patients recovering from serious drug problems can need therapy and medical support at any time of the day; something which rehabilitation facilities are prepared to provide to their patients 24/7. Support might be particularly necessary during the initial days and also during recovery.

Cutting Out the Supply

Irrespective of how determined the patient is, it’s always harder to resist and easier to give in when you have a liquor store right around the block or a drug peddler making calls to convince you into buying. As long as you are living inside the rehabilitation facility, none of those things are even a possibility and your entire supply is cut out. This is perhaps the biggest advantage that inpatient programs have over outpatient programs. It’s impossible to abuse a substance that isn’t even there!

Proper Meals

Individuals who abuse their bodies with alcohol or drugs usually never eat right. The facility makes sure that you are properly fed with balanced meals so that your body and mind can recover to its former, healthier self. Believe it or not, a balanced diet can have very positive effects when it comes to physical recovery from substance abuse.

Lack of Distractions

There simply isn’t any distraction or stress in a drug rehabilitation center which can pull you away from the objective of the program; which is focusing on you and your issues.

The most significant advantage that inpatient programs have over outpatient programs is that the addicted individual is under constant surveillance and supervision. Not only does this make it harder for them to skip medicines, meals and cause self-harm, but it also allows for the doctors and experts at the facility to determine customized, individual courses of action that can specifically benefit a particular patient.

The bottom-line is, if you or someone close to you has a severe drug problem, opt for a fulltime inpatient drug rehabilitation program, provided you can afford it.

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