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Shop for your Health and Antiaging products, HCG Diet Plans and Russian Peptide Bioregulators

You will find here 3 groups of products to purchase: Health products, HCG Diet Plans and Russian peptides. These product groups include antiaging products, liquid and vitamin supplements, skin care creams and lotions, and peptides. Click on image or button for more info about product.

New Products
Blood Sugar Pro bottle

Blood Sugar Pro

Natural, plant-based supplement helps stabilize blood glucose levels, reducing risk of diabetes. - 180 capsules - $49.99

Nature's Marvels box

Bioregulator Peptides

New range of Nature's Marvels' bioregulator peptides, with 21 new products - from $59.99

Special Offers

MultiV45 Pro Can-C drops GCB70 Pro
Multi V45 Pro
Can-C eye drops
Eye drops
GCB70 Pro
Green coffee
£17.95 out
4MU Pro ACF228 caps Vitamin D3
4MU Pro
Prostate health
ACF228 capsules
Vitamin D3
Bones health

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Health Products

1st Line ACF228 Andro-Pro 2

1st Line Thiocyanate

ACF228 capsules
Andro-Pro 2
£39.95 out
BEC5 Beta Glucans Beta Glucans
BEC5 Curaderm
Beta Glucans capsules
Beta Glucans cream
Skin cream
£27.95 out
Boluoke Can-C drops CoQ10 SR
Boluoke Lumbrokinase
Can-C eye drops
Eye drops
CoQ10 SR
Coenzyme Q10
£17.95 out
Curcumin GCB70 Pro Neydent
Curcumin SR Pro
Slow release
£8.95 out
GCB70 Pro
Green coffee
£17.95 out
Neydent toothpaste
FenFuro Pro Joint Pro MultiV45 Pro
FenFuro Pro
£17.95 out
Joint Pro cream
Joints relief
Multi V45 Pro

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Antiaging Supplements

Adrafinil Modafinil Picamilone
Smart drug
Improve mood
$17.99 out
Amino-Pro Idebenone Vinpocetine
An antioxidant
Brain function

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HCG Diet Plans

15-day plan 21-day plan 45-day plan

15-day HCG Diet Plan
15-day HCG
diet plan for 1


21-day HCG Diet Plan
21-day HCG
diet plan for 1

45-day HCG Diet Plan
45-day HCG
diet plan for 1

90-day plan Couple plan ChromeMate
90-day HCG Diet Plan
90-day HCG
diet plan for 1

45-day Couples HCG Diet Plan
Couples 45-day HCG diet plan
Chrome Mate capsules
Multivitamin capsules
Plus more HCG Diet Products...


Russian Peptides

buy 3 of same product and SAVE $9.99 p/p
or mix and match
buy any 3 peptides and SAVE $9.99 p/p

Bonomarlot Bonothyrk Cerluten

Bone marrow peptide

Parathyroid peptide
Cen. nervous system
Chelohart Chitomur Endoluten
The heart

The bladder peptide
Pineal gland peptide
Plus more Russian Peptides...


Youth Gems

Body Milk Day Cream Night Cream

Body Milk
Body Milk
200ml cream


Day Cream
Day Cream
50ml cream
Night Cream
Night Cream
50ml cream

Plus more Youth Gems...

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Health products information

Whether you want to purchase one of our health products, HCG diet plans or peptides, you will find more health products info on our desktop site's Products page.

More products are being added to this site every few days, especially to the Products and HCG Diet categories.

Some of the more recent health products that are no longer available are listed in the Discontinued products category, purely for info purposes. articles

Our desktop site contains over 200 pages of various articles and guest posts on different subjects, such as health, fitness, vitamin supplementation, men and women health, elderly care, medical info, and more.

Those sections will be gradually adapted for mobile site and added here. Feel free to visit the site in the meantime, for some good reading on the subjects related to health and fitness.