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Currently available products are listed by the brand name in alphabet order. You will find: antioxidants, skin creams, eye care products, and other health improving, energy enhancing supplements. There are currently more than 30 health products available. Click on link or image for more info, or the 'buy now' button to purchase the product. All prices listed below are in British pounds.

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1st Line Thiocyanate

1st Line Thiocyanate
Your first line of defense against different infections


4MU Pro 4MU-Pro Tablets
Helping with liver detox and male prostate problems
ACF228 Capsules ACF228 Capsules
Natural antioxidant formula to strengthen the immunity
Andro-Pro 2 Andro-Pro 2
Boost your testosterone levels and prevent bone loss
BEC5 Curaderm

BEC5 Curaderm
Topical skin cream for treating non-melanoma skin cancers

Beta Glucans Capsules Beta Glucans Capsules
Strengthen immunity to fight infections, Lupus, arthritis

Beta Glucans Cream Beta Glucans Cream
Use for the skin care against wrinkles and cellulite

BioClip Cuff BioClip-Cuff Monitor
Arterial stiffness and blood pressure monitoring at home
Boluoke Lumbrokinase Boluoke Lumbrokinase
Improves circulatory health by preventing blood clotting

Boost Pro Boost Pro sachets 
New vitamin C formula, with Quercetin, for better immunity
Can-C eye drops Can-C eye drops
Carnosine eye drops for dry eyes and against cataracts

£24.95 - Sale
Can-C Plus capsules Can-C Plus capsules
Ideal companion supplement with Can-C eye drops
CoQ10 SR CoEnzyme Q10 SR
CoQ10 slow release for better absorption by the body
Curcumin SR Pro Curcumin SR Pro
Natural anti-inflammatory agent in slow release capsules

DIM-Pro 2 DIM-Pro 2 Capsules
DIM-Pro 2 helps both sexes restore estrogen equilibrium
Enduracell Bioactive Enduracell Bioactive
Dry broccoli sprouts anti-inflammatory and antioxidant
FenFuro Pro capsules FenFuro Pro Capsules
Helps diabetics better control their blood glucose levels
Foodsafe kit Foodsafe Kit
Food allergy blood test kit for up to 95 different food groups
GCB70 Pro GCB70 Pro Capsules
Green coffee bean extract for natural weight loss
£17.95 - Sale
Joint Pro 20ml Joint Pro cream 20ml 
Peptide-based cream to heal joints and muscles pain
Joint Pro 50ml Joint Pro Cream 50ml 
Peptide cream used for relief from joints and arthritis pain
Multi V 45 Pro Multi V 45 Pro
Multivitamin supplement with 45 vitamins and minerals
£4.95 - Sale
NAD Pro capsules NAD Pro Capsules
Improve your energy levels and slow down aging process
Nano Silver spray Nano Silver Spray
Improve your energy levels and slow down aging process
Nano Zinc spray Nano Zinc Spray
Improve your energy levels and slow down aging process
Neo40 Lozenges Neo40 Lozenges
Safe and natural nitric oxide booster for blood flow
Neo40 Saliva Strips Neo40 Saliva Strips
Test your blood's nitric oxide levels in the saliva
Neydent toothpaste Neydent Toothpaste
Keep your teeth and gums healthy with RNA toothpaste
Nitric Pro3 Nitric Pro4 Sachets
Boost your nitric oxide levels for improved cardio health
Novisyn Novisyn Hyaluronan
Hyaluronic acid helps painful joints and skin look younger
Oraltide Pro Oraltide Pro Mouthwash
Peptide based mouth rinse for healthy teeth and gums
PEA capsules PEA Capsules
PEA is effective for chronic pain and inflammation
PQQ-Pro Capsules PQQ-Pro Capsules
Protects the health of energy producing mitochondria
ReConnect NADH ReConnect NADH
Support nervous system health and reduce chronic fatigue
Resveratrol SR Resveratrol SR
Potent antioxidant for the heart health and longevity
Sleep Pro Sleep Pro Capsules
Natural sleep aid that promotes deep sleep and relaxation
Symprove Probiotic Symprove Probiotic
Liquid probiotic helps treating irritable bowel syndrome
Symprove Mango Symprove Mango
Symprove probiotic in mango and passion fruit flavour
TA65 Capsules TA65 Capsules
Proven telomerase activator to lengthen human telomeres
TA65 Cream TA65 Cream
Telomerase complex available as antiaging skin cream
Vielight Nasal LED Vielight Nasal LED
Phototherapy to raise nitric oxide levels and overall health
£199.95 - Sale
Vitamin B12 Vitamin B12 tablets 
An active form of vitamin B12 helps natural energy release
Vitamin D3 5000iu Vitamin D3 5000iu
High-strength vitamin D for strong and healthy bones
£2.95  - Sale

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