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Chelohart peptide capsules
20 capsules

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Heart peptide

Chelohart is a natural peptide complex that protects the heart and the cardiovascular system. As the body's vital organ, it pumps the blood through the blood vessels of the circulatory system, helping all the organs do their work, including the brain.

Chelohart peptide benefits include:

  • keeping the heart strong and healthy 
  • maintaining good cardiovascular system 
  • improving heart's healthy function 

The importance of healthy heart

Being one of the most vital organs, the heart pumps and circulate the blood throughout the body. The blood carries oxygen and nutrients through the blood vessels of the circulatory system. Healthy heart is essential to our living.

The heart and cardiovascular diseases become widespread as we age, or as a result of the poor nutrition and inactivity. Chelohart peptide bioregulator provides an added boost to the heart's health and protects it against potential heart disease.

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