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Chitomur peptide capsules
20 capsules

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Bladder peptide

Chitomur is a natural peptide complex that protects healthy functioning of the bladder. This is also important for the kidneys proper function, with bladder and kidneys being part of the body's cleansing system.

Bladder peptide benefits include:

  • regulating urine flow and reducing the need to urinate frequently 
  • preventing age-related bladder disorders 
  • assists the body's natural cleansing 

The importance of bladder function

The bladder is an elastic-tissue organ that functions as the storage for urine before it gets excreted. It's part of the body's cleansing system, which includes the kidneys, that extracts waste products from the blood. Any loss of the bladder control can be uncomfortable, both healthwise and socially.

The bladder conditions such as OAB and bladder hyperplasia (BHP) can have a profound effect on one's lifestyle. Both are common in later life, and often difficult to diagnose. This loss of bladder control can be uncomfortable and distressing, both healthwise and socially.

Chitomur peptide bioregulator replaces crucial protein strands in the bladder tissue, thus helping to maintain optimum bladder function.

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