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Sigumir peptide capsules
20 capsules

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Cartilage peptide

Sigumir is a natural peptide complex that protects the body joints through ensuring healthy cartilage. The cartilage is the inelastic tissue found in the joints, which ensure full and easy joint movements. When this tissue is damaged, the body movements become restricted and even painful, as the bones rub against each other unprotected by cartilage.

Sigumir peptide benefits include:

  • maintaining healthy cartilage tissue and the bones 
  • preventing pain and disorders caused by bad joints, such as bad posture 
  • reducing age-related joint and spine problems 

The cartilage function

The inelastic tissue found in our joints is called cartilage. This tissue prevents bones from rubbing together and its elasticity allows for full and easy movement of the joints. With age, cartilage tissue gets damaged, becoming weak and ineffective.

Damaged cartilage tissues lead to painful and debilitating conditions, such as rheumatism, arthritis, and posture deformities. This tear and wear is often observed in people of advanced age and those who do prolonged activities strenuous on their joints.

Sigumir ensures that cartilage remains firm and healthy, by regulating specific cell development. This continues long after lifestyle-induced tear and wear would have naturally caused cartilage tissue damage.

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