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Suprefort peptide capsules
20 capsules

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Pancreas gland peptide

Suprefort is a natural peptide complex that aids and protects the function of the pancreas gland. As part of the endocrine and digestive systems, the pancreas has two key functions. It secrets important hormones and helps the small intestine break down carbohydrates.

Suprefort peptide benefits include:

  • preventing pancreatitis and pancreas inflammation 
  • regulating lipids and carbohydrates metabolysation 
  • reducing the risk of diabetes through proper functioning of the pancreas 

The pancreatic function

The pancreas has two key functions in the body, being part of the endocrine and digestive systems. Its role in the endocrine system is to secrete important hormones, such as insulin and glucagon. As part of the digestive system, pancreas helps the small intestine break down carbohydrates, proteins and lipids.

If pancreas' endocrine role malfunctions, one of the resulting problems is diabetes, owing to insulin production problem and other hormonal imbalances. When its digestive role falters, it leads to digestive problems and abdominal pain.

Suprefort peptide bioregulator supports the pancreas health, by maintaining its healthy functioning at its optimum.

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