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Testoluten peptide capsules
20 capsules

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Testes peptide

Testoluten is a natural peptide complex that protects the function of the testes and the male reproductive system. The teste are part of the endocrine system as they produce the hormone testosterone, as well as semen. They are very sensitive to physical impact or injury, which can be very painful.

Testoluten peptide benefits include:

  • improving low testosterone levels 
  • maximize the production of semen 
  • protect the male reproductive system 

The testicular function

The testes (commonly known as testicles), are part of the male reproductive system. It's the gland that produces sperm and testosterone, making them also part of the endocrine system. The testes are very sensitive to physical impact or injury, which can cause strong, but short-lasting pain.

The testes can be affected by several conditions and diseases, from the genetic and endocrine disorders, to the more serious testicular cancer. Testoluten will help the testes function normally and enhance the male reproductive system.

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