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Special Offers

Every week you will find here special offers available on different health products, new HCG Diet Plans, vitamin supplements, and peptides. These can change from week to week. Subscribe to our free health newsletter for regular updates. Some of the special offer product prices are in British pounds - GBP or £.

  Volume buy discounts
4MU Pro 4MU Pro tablets
Buy 3 and save $20 p/p
buy 4MU Pro
SCF228 capsules ACF228 capsules
Buy 3 packs, save L4 p/p
buy ACF228 caps
Can-C eye drops

Can-C eye drops
Save 10% - 20%
buy Can-C eye drops

Peptide Bioregulators Peptide Bioregulators
Volume buy discounts
£39.95 - £54.95
buy Peptides

  Low price special offers

Natural energy booster
$19.99 - save $5
buy ATP Pro

Potent chelating agent
$34.99 - save $5
buy DMSA Pro

GCB70 Pro GCB70 Pro
Green coffee bean extract
buy GCB70 Pro
Idebenone Idebenone
CoQ10 synthetic variant
$13.99 - save $6
buy Idebenone
Multi V45 Pro Multi V45 Pro
45 vitamins and minerals

buy Multi V45 Pro
Vielight LED

Vielight LED
Intranasal laser therapy
buy Vielight LED

Vitamin D3 Vitamin D3
High-strength vitamin D

buy Vitamin D3

  Close to expiry date sale

Adrafinil Adrafinil
Enhance memory, energy
$27.99 - save $12
- expiry May 2019
buy Adrafinil
Agomelatine Agomelatine
Anxiety and depression
$33.99 - at half price

- expiry Sep. 2018
buy Agomelatine
Bromocriptine Bromocriptine
Antiaging supplement
$9.99 - at half price

- expiry Dec. 2018
buy Bromocriptine
DHEA 7-keto DHEA 7-keto
Safe DHEA metabolite
$17.49 - at half price

- expiry Sep. 2018
buy DHEA 7-keto
HCG spray HCG spray
Weight loss spray
$24.99 - at half price
expiry Jan. 2019
buy HCG spray
Metformin Glucophage Metformin 850mg
Glucophage for diabetics
$9.99 - at half price
expiry Nov. 2018
buy Metformin 850mg
Naltrexone Naltrexone
For multiple sclerosis
$27.99 - save $12
expiry March 2019
buy Naltrexone
Oxytocin lozenges Oxytocin lozenges
For physical bonding
$19.99 - at half price
expiry Jan. 2019
buy Oxytocin lozenge
Progesterone Progesterone
Topical cream for HRT
$14.99 - at half price
expiry Jan. 2019
buy Progesterone
Relax Pro Relax Pro
Calming effect on body
$7.49 - at half price
expiry Jan. 2019
buy Relax Pro
Reminyl Galantamine Reminyl
For Alzheimer symptoms
$14.99 - at half price
expiry Dec. 2018
buy Reminyl
SAMe Pro spray SAMe Pro spray
An antidepressant
$20.99 - save $9
expiry March 2019
buy SAMe Pro
Sermorelin Sermorelin
Increase your HGH
$74.99 - at half price
expiry Jan. 2019
buy Sermorelin
Sildenafil Pro Sildenafil Pro
For erectile dysfunction
$13.99 - save $6
expiry April 2019
buy Sildenafil Pro


Can-C eye drops

Can-C eye drops 
Buy 3 boxes of 10ml Can C eye drops (£24.95 each box) and save 10% - or
Buy 6 boxes of 10ml Can C eye drops (£24.95 each box) and save 20%

Petide Bioregulators special offer

Peptides special offer

Buy 3 or more of the same peptide product and save £5 per pack

 Credit cards and Paypal accepted