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Pielotax capsules, the Kidneys peptide bioregulator

The Kidneys Peptide Bioregulator aids the proper funtioning of the kidneys, which normalizes their metabolism and regulates urinary patterns

Made in Russia - Shipped from the UK

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Pielotax benefits

Pielotax is a peptide bioregulator complex that specifically protects the function of the kidneys. The following benefits are gained using Pielotax:

  • Helps kidneys normalize their metabolism and optimize their function 
  • Assists kidneys in regulating urinary patterns 
  • Has the same role as peptide bioregulators developed in the body 
  • There are no adverse side effects 

The kidneys function

Each person has two kidneys, which are shaped like large beans. Their main function is to remove waste and excess fluids from the body. Essentially, they clean the blood.

Kidney failure occurs when they fail to function properly and are unable to filter the waste from the blood. This waste then accummulates in the blood, causing serious problems and even death if not attended to properly and in a timely manner.

Kidney damage is often caused by diabetes, when blood glucose or blood sugar levels are too high. This is called diabetic nephropathy. Pielotax helps maintain kidneys' healthy function and delay onset of potential problems.

What is a peptide bioregulator?

Peptides are small biological molecules, consisting of two or more amino acids. When a molecule has up to 50 amino acids, it's considered to be a peptide. Larger molecules of 50 or more amino acids are called proteins.

Being smaller molecules and with shorter chains of amino acids than proteins, peptides can enter the blood through the digestive system, to initiate protein synthesis. This synthesis initiates cell repair and regeneration.

Each organ and gland in the body has its own unique peptide bioregulator. With age these peptides become less active, resulting in tissues not being repaired. Being small and easier to absorb through the stomach, peptide bioregulators have the ability to interact directly with cell DNA. This enables them to start tissue repair and regenerations in specific body organs and glands.

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