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E-Check Payment

How Electronic Check Payment Works

Check Process service
E-Check Payment is a new payment option available for ordering health products on this site, while credit card option is not currently available.

E-Check Process (cheque process) is a brand new e-Checking service that's been available to our US customers for some time. It works just like a normal check (cheque).

To use on your next order of health products online, simply follow the steps outlined below:

A. On check out select the Check process payment option.

B. Enter your normal delivery and billing information plus the following when prompted:

  1. Your bank account number
  2. Your bank routing number (the 9 digit US Bank routing number)
  3. Your phone number
  4. And then e-Sign your check

C. Your order will then be processed within 2 to 10 working days depending on your bank.

D. Once the payment leaves your account notify us with some proof and we will dispatch the products you have ordered

E-checking works by directly charging you via your checking account at your bank just like a regular check. Alternatively you can call us with your order and information and we can charge your account for you.

This new payment option is currently only available to the US customers and means that we will no longer be accepting personal checks or money orders from the US.

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