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Vitamin B1

Your Guide to Vitamin B1

Vitamin B1 is also known as thiamin or thiamine and aneurin or aneurine. The name thiamin is generally used in the US for vitamin B1, whereas aneurin is vitamin B1 name used throughout Europe, in particular the UK.

Vitamin B1 helps convert blood sugar into energy and plays a vital role in nerve function. As such, vitamin B1is mportant for nervous system and the overall cardiovascular and muscular functions of the body. Thiamin is found in both the nerves and brain, thus being especially important for both memory and general mental health.

Vitamin B1 deficiency causes beriberi

The deficiency in Vitamin b1 can cause weight loss, cardiovuscular abnormalities, and neuromuscular disorders. One of the well known conditions brought about by vitamin b1 deficiency is beri-beri syndrome. Beriberi is characterised by weight loss, muscle weakness, weariness, and heart and neuromuscural problems. Dry beri-beri, which usually afflicts adults, can cause inflamation of nerves, leading to much more serious heart and muscles problems. Beriberi syndrome is often associated with chronic alcoholism, as alcohol is high in anti-thiamin factors.

B1 is water-soluble vitamin

Vitamin B1 or thiamine belongs to group of water-soluble vitamins. It cannot be stored in the body, but once it's absorbed from food or by direct intake, it will stay concetrated in muscle tissue. Vitamin b1 is also useful for digestive system, because it keeps mucous membranes healthy.

Food sources of vitamin B1

Good sources of vitamin b1 are usually whole grains, legumes and enriched cereals and breads. Many beans are good course of vitamin b1, such soya beans and pinto beans. Of meats, pork, liver and beef are good vitamin b1 sources. Vitamn b1 can also be found in green peas, spinach and nuts.

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