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Can these herbs really increase your workout strength?

6 herbs to boost stamina and strength

Whenever we think about making changes in our diet to burn fat, build muscle, boost endurance and stamina, we instantly think of renowned supplements like whey protein and creatine. But did you know that herbs might also play a fundamental role in boosting workout strength? Even though the general public is puzzled by the use of herbs to increase energy, the truth is herbal remedies have had a key role in holistic medicine for ages; and they certainly are a major contributor to one’s overall goal to feel better and have more strength to work out.

Demonstrating physical strength
Highly demanding athletic exercises require both strength and stamina, not to mention skill,
in order to be preformed well.

Red maca

Red maca root is an herb that helps enhance endocrine function. All the glands within our bodies are the hormones they release are stored in our endocrine system. The hormones are in control of our digestion, fertility, nervous system and brain physiology, and energy levels. Maca root is better known as an adaptogen that aids the body to cope with both external and internal stress. Basically, it increases the ability of the body to defend against mental and physical weakness. Maca root help boost stamina and energy, and studies have shown that it is an excellent alternative to more damaging anabolic steroids.

Black maca

Black maca is a well-known herb for its abilities to boost sperm count and sperm mobility in male individuals. Furthermore, it is a type of maca plant that helps people deal with stress, fatigue, memory and cognitive function. Research says that in certain circumstances, it can also be an excellent all-natural antidepressant. Black maca helps build muscle too, due to its anabolic properties. It packs vitamins, minerals and protein that are particularly targeted at natural muscle growth. Many of today’s natural bodybuilding products contain black maca because of its unique nutrient content and effects it can have on the human body.

Build your strength and stamina
For our everyday needs and fitness, regular exercises are a best way to build physical endurance


In a recent research paper published in the acclaimed Indian Journal of Psychological Medicine, experts claim that Ashwagandha is a powerful herb that reduces anxiety, serum cortisol levels, and stress. As a matter of fact, it reduces cortisol levels by up to 28%. The herb stimulaters neurogenesis, which is a process in charge for giving birth to new cells. Together with spice curcumin – an active ingredient found in turmeric – Ashwagandha helps the brain stay more active by producing new brain cells. In India, the plant is known for being a powerful hot plant used by men and women to boost performance and endurance.

Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola is commonly used these days for poor attention span, fatigue and decreased memory. In some countries, workers are given Rhodiola to be more productive. In Sweden the herb is well-known for boosting vitality and strength. A study was performed over 10 years ago on the abilities of the plant; the results have shown that Rhodiola can actually fight the effects of oxygen deficiency, as well as prevent stress and increase energy levels. Additional research on the effects of the plant on the human body has proven that the plant can reduce skeletal muscle damage following intense exercise.

Ginko Biloba plant
Ginko Biloba is one of the natural herbal plants whose extracts provide numerous health,
anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and other life-enhancing properties.

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba is a highly mediatized herb with properties that include anticancer effects, anti-inflammatory, astringent, antioxidant and antitussive. Widely used for cognitive function, blood flow disorders, and allergies, ginkgo biloba restores bloodstream within the body, particularly the brain. It also helps boost overall energy by improving oxygen use, and it packs antioxidants that keep the body safe from free radicals.

Guarana Seed Extract

Originally from the Amazon regions, guarana seed extract is a plant that is commonly used for increasingly overall energy levels, overcoming exhaustion, relieving pain and battling premature aging. The seeds contain high quantities of caffeine and another active ingredient known as theophylline. Both boost energy, thus making the herb widely used by fitness aficionados and bodybuilders. It has tremendous effects on the body, being able to control the temperature and prevent heat exhaustion. Guarana seed is used to strengthen the heart and the cardiovascular system, as well as cleanse the blood and reduce blood clots.

Bottom line is certain herbs are known to increase workout strength, and many bodybuilders have become aware of their benefits. Many of today’s supplements for fitness guru contain ingredients such as aakg, creatine, and whey protein. All of them increase energy and diminish physical pain. Combined with natural ingredients – such as the herbs mentioned above – these products boost endurance and help you perform your best when hitting the gym.

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