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Starflower Oil:
How This Herbal Extract Can Help Your Health

Discover many health benefits of starflower oil

Starflower oil is less commonly known than many of the other health supplements available on the market today. It is made from the seeds of the starflower plant and is rich in gamma linolenic acid (GLA) – one of the essential omega 6 fatty acids. The flower is grown throughout the Middle East and the Mediterranean and can be eaten as a vegetable. The oil from the starflower is also known as borage oil. It has been used for many years in these regions as a herbal remedy with positive results.

Borage plant
Borage plant is also known as starflower plant for its star-shaped blue flower. Starflower oil is extracted from its seeds and used for many health purposes.

Borage seed oil has been proven to be a viable remedy against: eczema, premenstrual syndrome, seborrhea dermatitis, diabetes, ADHD, strike, pain, swelling, heart disease and more. The omega 6 fatty acids are essential to the human body for good bone health, regulating the metabolism, improving the reproductive system and assisting with good skin and hair growth. These fatty acids are not produced by the body and must be absorbed through your food.

Starflower oil is an excellent source of this oil because of the GLA’s and the additional benefits they offer to the body. It has been shown to give a variety of health benefits to both men and women:

Hormone regulator and reduced symptoms of hormonal imbalances

Women, in particular, can have issues with fluctuating hormones, especially as they reach the menopause. These hormonal changes can appear as mood skins, skin conditions or even breast tenderness. The GLA in starflower oil has been shown to regulate the production of prostaglandins; hormones which control joint stiffness and inflammatory issues. Regulating these hormones reduces the symptoms of hormonal imbalances.

Heart health

Fatty acids are essential to a healthy heart and consuming the right amount of them has been shown to reduce the chance of heart disease. Starflower oil has these fatty acids and the GLA has also been shown to prevent inflammation and associated issues in the heart. It can even prevent fatty acids from building up on the inside of the artery walls.

Starflower or borage plant field
Considered a herb, starflower is an annual plant that is self-seeding 
and produces a beautiful blue flower. Its leaves taste like a cucumber.


The anti-inflammatory nature of starflower oil and the regulation of the prostaglandins have been shown to reduce the incidences of redness associated with inflammatory skin conditions. Users also had less scaling or roughness after using the oil for several weeks. It has also been shown to be an effective treatment for babies who have cradle cap. The oil can be placed directly onto the itchy, flaky skin and will sooth and heal; whilst reducing redness. It is not recommended to be taken orally for babies.

Eye remedy

Research indicates that the GLA in starflower oil is also excellent at decreasing the issue of dry eyes in older people. This condition is due to the aging process; the eyes naturally dry out and lose moisture. This can be irritating and uncomfortable.


Starflower oil has been shown to reduce joint stiffness in the majority of cases. This is due to the anti-inflammatory properties of this herb. There have been several studies into its effects when treating rheumatoid arthritis and results have shown that joint tenderness can be reduced by as much as sixty four percent!

Gum disease

Although research into this benefit is in its early stages the first results have shown to be positive. Starflower oil taken daily, ideally in a dosage of 3000 milligrams has been shown to reduce the effects of gum disease and even assist in repairing damaged gums. A side effect of this showed a reduction in the level of plaque present around the teeth of the test subjects.

Starflower plant
Borage or starflower plant originally comes from Middle East, especially Syria, but it mostly
grows in the Mediterranean. It can be also found in Europe, north Africa and South America.

Cystic fibrosis

This genetic condition can cause problems with breathing in those who suffer with it. This is due to sticky mucus which builds up inside the lungs. In a test study, patients were given 1500mg of starflower oil daily. Within a few weeks there was a marked difference in the breathing capacity of those taking the oil, supplement.

Needless to say, starflower oil AAKG doesn’t provide confirmed benefits, and people should keep in mind that this is an herbal supplement. It can do a lot of good things to the body, but prior to starting a treatment you are advised to consult with a certified practitioner in the field.

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