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What are the five most important
supplements for men?

Supplements deliver health benefits for men

There is a wide range of supplements on the market; all of which promise to provide a health benefit. The problem arises when you attempt to calculate which supplements you need to take and which have little or no benefit. The scientific evidence currently available on a wide variety of supplements is, at best, incomplete.

Anytime you wish to change your supplement intake it is advisable to consult with your doctor; even the best supplements can cause issues if you are already on medication. Any supplement you are considering taking should be researched and assessed in regards to their affect on the body and common health problems. The following five supplements are the most important for overall men’s health.

Digestible supplement gels
Vitamins and other supplements available as gels are easier to digest and faster to absorb


Chromium is a metal which is essential to maintaining a healthy metabolism. It is only require in very small quantities daily. This metal will help to normalize your blood sugar level and chromium deficiency has been linked to glucose intolerance; this can lead to Type 2 Diabetes. The supplement is also promoted as helpful in weight loss and general body health but there is little evidence to support or refute this.

Plants Sterols & Stanols

These substances generally enter the body naturally from a diet rich in fruit, vegetables, cereals and vegetable oils. Studies have shown they have a direct effect on cholesterol. Plant sterols and stanols stop the body from absorbing bad cholesterol; this will result in lower levels of cholesterol in the body and less risk of heart disease. It has been shown to have no effect on the body’s intake of good cholesterol. Two grams per day is seen to be the recommended daily amount.

Vitamin D

Too much exposure to the sun can increase your risk of skin cancer and a variety of other diseases. However, sunlight is also essential to the human body. Whilst this vitamin can be obtained from fatty fish and some fortified foods, the sun remains our best source of vitamin D. Lack of vitamin D has been shown to increase the risk of osteomalacia and osteoporosis; both conditions which weaken the bones. There has also been research into the effect of vitamin D and the risk of Multiple Sclerosis, some cancers and Diabetes. Further research is needed to confirm whether adequate levels of this valuable vitamin can reduce the risk of these diseases.

Supplements in tablets format
Some supplements are available in the standard tablets form, blister packaged


Garlic will add flavor to any dish and plays a significant role in many French recipes. It has also been shown to assist in keeping your heart healthy. Studies have shown that a small amount of garlic daily will lower blood pressure and is likely to lower cholesterol. It has also been linked with reducing the hardening of arteries as you age. Lower blood pressure and cholesterol combined with clearer arteries will place less strain on your heart and decrease the chance of heart disease, stroke or a heart attack.

Fish Oil (Omega 3 Fatty Acids)

Fats are known to be bad for you, but not all fats are. Omega 3 fatty acids are polyunsaturated fats and are essential to the normal function of your body. This supplement has been shown to lower harmful fats known as Triglycerides. A high level of these fats has been shown to increase the risk of heart disease and diabetes. Omega 3 has been shown to reduce the chance of death in people who already have cardiovascular problems.

It prevents cardiovascular disease by slowing the hardening of the arteries and lowering blood pressure. It has also been suggested that a regular daily dose of Omega 3 can assist in treating a wide variety of other diseases; such as kidney problems, depression, arthritis or even certain types of cancer.

Mixed supplement formats
Irrespective of how your supplements are packaged, there's no doubt about their importance to general health and wellbeing.

Men need supplements just as much as women do. Even though food is the best source of vitamins and proteins the body needs to stay healthy, in certain circumstances deficiencies may occur. In this case, supplementation may be advised. In men, some of the most common supplements are omega-3 fatty acids, Ceylon cinnamon tablets, multivitamins, and plant based supplements to help them stay energized. Before starting a treatment, you are advised to consult a nutritionist. Even though they don’t feature any dangerous side effects, it’s best to be on the safe side.

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