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5 Top Tips To Help Recover From Illness

Getting back to your normal, healthy self

Illness is a real struggle to get over and has you feeling worn out from all the sneezing and coughing that you do throughout the day. You find yourself appreciating the days when you were able to breathe in fresh air and not have a gasping burning pain on the inside of your chest. There are several ways you can help to fend off sickness and get back to a speedy recovery so you’re feeling refreshed and energised once again. Here are some top tips to help you recover from a bad illness.

Drink plenty of water and liquids
Water is a great beverage for many things, including helping you to recover from illness,
by consuming more fluids, be it water or warm and hot drinks. (image: Zsuzsanna Killian)

Sweat It Out

There’s no way to remove a cold virus from your system but you can help to clear some of the viruses that have built up by evaporating it through moisture. It’s not the actual sweating part that benefits you the most, it’s being exposed to warm air that helps in the recovery process from the cold as it can relieve nasal congestion. There are several ways you can look to ‘sweat out’ a cold:

  • Exercise through running or at the gym
  • Inhaling warm steam
  • Visiting a steam room or sauna

Some even use the opportunity of sleep to release sweat by covering up in thick layers during the night. This is arguably the best method to sweat it out if your system is too weak for a more strenous ways of elevating your immunity.

Consume More Fluids

A great soothing technique is drinking plenty of fluids and hot beverages like herbal tea. In doing so, it can help to comfort your throat and prevent it from becoming dehydrated which can normally cause stress to your throat. Water is a great beverage for this. This also means reducing your alcohol intake as these types of drinks can encourage dehydration, making your throat sore and increasing your coughing.

Sleep More

One of the most important things to do when you’re poorly is resting. The best way to do this? Through sleeping. In doing so, you’re helping your immune system and muscles to recover and heal. At times like this, it requires help from others in dealing with any daily chores or activities that you used to do regularly so that you can get the valuable rest you require.

Health supplements can assist your recovery
Taking health supplements can benefit you in preventing some illnesses, such as cold and flu,
as well as assist with recovery from illness, by boosting the body's immunity.

Take Some Beneficial Supplements

There hasn’t been any extensive research to suggest that health supplements are beneficial in helping recover from a cold. However, in certain studies where supplements have been used, it appears that they have a better effect when they are taken when you start to feel the symptoms of a cold coming on. If necessary, consult a doctor on potential supplements that you can take to help with your recovery from illness.

Well Balanced Diet

Eating an unhealthy and sugar loaded diet will in no way improve your chances of recovering back to full health. In order to get better quicker, it’s important to have a healthy, well-balanced diet that includes plenty of nourishing foods and meals. Soups with broth that can help soothe your throat are always a bonus and natural fruits like oranges and kiwi fruit can provide you with the relevant vitamins and nutrients for better health.

The last thing anyone wants is having a cold or flu lingering for weeks, interrupting your everyday routine and affecting your social life. To help with your speedy recovery, consider these useful tips and get yourself back full of energy and life.

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