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The essential health needs for taking vitamins

A majority of Americans take vitamin supplements daily and a little over 12 percent use high-dose supplements as a fix. Vitamin supplements are sold both over the counter and as prescription drugs, but do they deliver health and vitality they are said to have?

The main reason for taking supplements is to boost body energy, boosting immunity and promoting general wellness. In the decades' supplements have been selling, they have become a billion dollar industry.

However, taking the right amounts of vitamins is vital as excessive doses cause toxic effects. Vitamin A a fat soluble should be taken with care as excessive doses may reach toxic levels leading to liver damage.

Vitamin supplements in gel form
Vitamin supplements provide many health benefits to our wellbeing, whose antioxidant properties help fight oxidative damage, while boosting energy and immunity.

The Importance of Taking Vitamins

Naturally, vitamins contribute to every aspect of our human health; they are elements that our bodies cannot produce and we gain them through the foods and drinks we consume.

Vitamins such as Vitamin C helps reconstruct worn out connective tissue and builds immunity. B-vitamins are critical for energy development, Vitamin A bolsters growth and boosts immunity while Vitamin D strengthens bones and teeth.

Without taking the right amounts of vitamins needed by our bodies, we are prone to falling critically ill or risk losing life.

A balanced diet is comprised of vitamin quota and nutritionists have figured out that our lifestyles require us to take additional vitamin supplements to live healthy lives.

The crops grown today and food processing procedures we have exposed ourselves to means that the foods we eat today have less than adequate mineral and vitamin levels we require.

Fizzy drinks pump too much sugar in our bodies with less than adequate mineral levels while tea and coffee beverages reduce mineral absorption. Issues such as chronic stress take a toll on vitamin supply in the body.

Fruits are good sources of natural vitamins
The nature provides us with plenty of good sources of vitamins, although supplementation is necessary for those who don't include much fruit and vegetables in their daily nutrition.

Food and Supplement Vitamins

Multivitamin supplements are the answer to depleted vitamin levels in the body; however, their health benefits are being questioned, and studies continue proving multivitamin supplements have several benefits including better fertility and enhancing body energy.

Other studies, however, claim that continuous multivitamin use causes more harm as they increase death risk by 2.4 percent. Moreover, 90 percent of vitamin supplements sold today are synthetic.

More and more studies continue to suggest that unnatural vitamins wreck the body as they don’t mimic natural vitamins. Natural vitamins are rich in molecules such as cofactors and minerals that conduct different functions in the body.

The Best Vitamin Sources

A diet comprised of veggies, meats, fruits, whole grains, fish pulse, and eggs rack up enough natural vitamins. Superfood supplements derived from natural nutrient rich sources carry a range of vitamins in their natural state.

The best vitamin supplements are bee pollen, spirulina and chlorella supplements that give an all round nutritional boost. Plant and fish oil supplements are excellent sources for increasing healthy fats.

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