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Vitamins for Eye Health

Vitamins and nutrients that should be used for healthy eyes

No matter how old you are, you`ve probably heard people telling you how eating vegetables is an activity that`s an important part of good health. For starters, it helps you get the recommended daily allotment of vitamins that can prevent future problems with parts of your body such as your eyes.

Specifically, scientists now know that vitamins like C and E contain antioxidant contents and have discovered that people who get large amounts of those vitamins for at least a continuous decade of life may have a lower risk of developing cataracts. That`s a disorder in which the eye`s lens becomes clouded and it commonly happens when people get older. However, there are also other vitamins that are proving to be effective in preventing problems with your eyes throughout life and not just during older age.

Preserve your vision with healthy eyes
Reduce the risk of potential eye diseases by including the vitamins and nutrients in your diet important to your eyes health.

Beta carotene may prevent macular degeneration

Beta-carotene is a nutrient that may be particularly useful when taken in combination with zinc, vitamin C and vitamin E. It`s readily found in things you probably eat regularly, including carrots and sweet potatoes. Although there is not a recommended daily allowance for this nutrient, you can experiment with adding it to your diet by taking in a pill form or just boosting your intake of the vegetables listed above. Some eye health practitioners believe it may slow down or prevent macular degeneration.

Lutein can guard against cataracts

Keep your eye health
Preserve your eye health now to continue enjoying good vision.
Lutein is a beneficial compound that, like some of the other possibilities already mentioned, may guard against cataracts and macular degeneration. Although it may not be as familiar to you as something such as vitamin E, it`s easy to add to your diet by consuming multivitamin capsules that include it in their nutritional makeup. To get more of it by changing your diet, eat foods like kale and squash.

Vitamin D supplementation

Many people are able to get the necessary amounts of vitamin D just by staying outdoors for about half an hour per day. However, if you live in a very cloudy climate, or don`t get the chance to go outside for as long as you`d prefer, it may be wise to add a vitamin D supplement to your diet, particularly if you`re concerned about the health of your eyes. This vitamin could prevent you from dealing with macular degeneration later in life. In addition to taking a supplement, you can also find some varieties of orange juice that are fortified with vitamin D.

Promote eye health with zinc

There is also evidence to indicate that consumption of zinc promotes eye health. Like many of the other options discussed earlier, it`s believed to be more powerful when taken in conjunction with vitamin A. Besides potentially reducing a person`s risk of developing night blindness, zinc may cut a person`s chance of being diagnosed with macular degeneration.

There are many factors that can determine someone`s probability of enjoying good vision throughout a lifetime and those include getting regular checkups with an eye care professional and being aware of family history. However, as the above information demonstrates, it can also be vital to take particular vitamins, especially if you fear you`re not getting enough of a particular nutrient within your daily diet. In the same way you might keep a tube of Anbesol in your medicine cabinet to deal with unpleasant oral pain, you should consider storing vitamins within easy reach as well. They can help you take a proactive approach to your vision and enjoy lifelong visual clarity.

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