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5 Effective Ways to
Soundproof Your Home Office

How to make your home office soundproof to make it
healthier and more efficient working environment

Home office setting with a PC, L-shaped desk, pictures on the wall and a comfortable leather armchair
Finding effective ways to soundproof your home office will help boost
your focus and productivity at home and business.

Nowadays many people take the freelancing route in their careers or their jobs are such that they have to take a lot of their work home, even if they work in a proper office. Having a space to call your home office is important in both of these instances so you would be able to separate your work from the rest of your life. Finding a balance and putting some distance between the two can be crucial for your wellbeing and stress levels. You want to optimize your every day and soundproofing your home office will play a big role in that. Do not fret that it is complicated. You’ll find these 5 effective ways to soundproof your home office easy and completely manageable.

Why soundproof your home office?

Before learning how to soundproof an existing home office, consider why you may want to do this to begin with. If you are working from home, you are bound to know that what threatens your productivity the most are the endless distractions. Many of us do not have the luxury of being able to put our phone in a drawer to keep us from checking it. Even if you do, different noises from your household or neighborhood will quickly break your much needed focus. Soundproofing your home office will go a long way in making sure that your attention is focused. Not only will you enter the flow of things more easily, but you will be able to boost your productivity and work with more quality and speed.

How to soundproof your home office in 5 simple steps?

Work those windows

Making sure you have soundproof windows is something that is done most easily upon moving into your place. It is an added expense, but if you used a company like, you may have been able to save some money on the move and can put it toward new double pane windows that will cancel out any outside noise. If this is too much of a hassle, there is still something to be done. There are soundproof curtains that can be of great help. If your neighborhood is fairly quiet, you can skip this one and move on to one of the other 5 effective ways to soundproof your home office.

Change the door

One of the simplest ways how to soundproof a home office is to check the door. Many homes have hollow core doors. They are cheaper and work just fine until there is some noise to be kept out. If this is true of your home office, you should look into replacing the door with a solid core door. This shouldn’t even be too much of an expense. Your local hardware store will probably have them for under 100 dollars. These will do wonders in keeping the household noises at a low.

Woman working at home at a round desk with laptop and pot plant.
Find an appropriate room at your home for your home office that will keep you apart
from your home duties and leave you undisturbed to pursue your business.

Fill the holes in

Inspecting your walls and ceiling for holes and filling them is another one of the 5 effective ways to soundproof your home office. Sound can get through any hole, no matter how small. This can turn out to be quite a time consuming activity, but it will help a lot with keeping the distractions out. Look out for cracks and crevices in your drywall around electrical boxes as well. You can use a variety of different materials to fill these in. Fiberglass batt insulation is easy to deal with and is a great soundproofer.

If there is an air vent, you’ll want to soundproof that too. There are different ways to do that too. One of the options is to block the air vent with expanding foam, for example. Alternatively, you could create a sound maze in the vent. Whatever you decide, it is important not to overlook this. An air vent is possibly the biggest hole in your wall and can be a great source of noise.

An air vent
Plugging up the air vent in your home office can help with keeping the noise down,
by canceling the outside noise.

Furthermore, you can add a layer of drywall to your walls to really make sure the noise is out. In this case though, you may want to hire someone to do it for you, as it can turn out to be quite a task.

Soundproof the floor

Floors can be the easiest of the 5 effective ways to soundproof your home office. In many cases, just a layer of thick carpeting will do a lot to help with the noise. On the other hand, if you live in an apartment and your downstairs neighbors are quite a rowdy bunch, you may want to go the extra mile. One of the ways of doing this is layering an acoustic board over the floor. Once you have done that, you should cover it with carpeting to add an additional layer of soundproofing. Carpets also help with the echo, which will reduce the noise inside the room as well.

A home office with a desk, lap top, chair, small carpet and sofa.
Carpets can help both with keeping the noise out and lowering the echo
inside the room itself, contributing to soundproof your home office.

Get a white noise machine

If you’re looking for an effective way to soundproof your home office without breaking the bank or a sweat, getting a white noise machine may just be the solution for you. It won’t stop the outside noise from coming in, but it will neutralize it, drown those sounds out. There are also many apps and websites that allow you to choose a particular background noise to play out that won’t be distracting and can neutralize the rest. In most of them you can choose between things like coast, rain, fire crackling, cafĂ© noises, etc. Keeping the distracting noises outside can help keep your workplace stress-free.

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