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How to Make Your Office Reception Area
More COVID-19 Safe

Take necessary precautions to keep your staff and clients safe

For those who operate an office complete with a front desk or reception area, 2020 has most certainly been trying at times. With the COVID-19 pandemic still raging across the country, finding ways to keep your staff and customers/clients safe has become a massive priority. You want people to feel comfortable coming to work, or coming for meetings and appointments, so that means proper measures must be taken, and the proper tools put in place. Everybody wants to be safe and healthy.

A masked blonde with Yes, We're Open sign
Depending on where you are in the world, you might be allowed to keep
your business and
your office operating, as long as you take precautions
to keep your office area COVID-19 safe.

If you’re looking for ways to boost the safety factor in your front desk or reception area of your office, here are some ways you can go about it.

Provide Hand Sanitizer at the Entry/Exit Points

A really simple thing that you can do is to place hand sanitizer stations at each entry/exit point in the building, including the reception area. Many places are also affixing signs to the sanitizer station reminding customers and employees to use the sanitizer when they enter the building.

Have a Masking Policy in Place

If it is a private business, then you can also put a masking policy in place, wherein everyone that enters the building must have a properly fitting face covering on. Because some people may not be prepared for this rule and may show up without a mask, you can also provide free masks to those who need them.

Having a masking policy protects employees and the clients and customers who enter into the workplace.

Use a Room Divider

Another great tool is to use a screen that works at dividing rooms and spaces. A clear Plexiglass divider that is portable and can be moved around a space can be perfect for placing between the front desk and the customer.

Because it’s clear it doesn’t interfere with anyone’s view, and it isn’t a wall so hearing isn’t impaired. You can purchase a couple of these dividing walls or one may be all you need. You may even want to place them between chairs in the waiting area.

Man holding hand sanitizer gel on hand
In addition to wearing a mask in group and closed spaces, having hand sanitizers
at hand is
one of the crucial elements that will help you prevent potential
COVID-19 infections at your office and reception area.

Space out Appointments so There is no Over-Lapping

You also want to be encouraging physical distancing in the waiting room, and the best way to do that is to space out appointments so there is no overlap. Some businesses have even eliminated waiting rooms altogether, asking people to wait outside and check-in by phone or text. You can then call or text them when the person they are meeting is ready to see them. This ensures no-one is just sitting around inside.

Increase the Frequency of Cleaning

This is also the time to increase the number of cleanings your office space gets. If you use a cleaning crew you can have them clean more often, and you can also encourage reception staff to disinfect their work station throughout the day.

Making it a Safer Environment for All

These are just a few really simple steps that businesses can use in their reception area and will ensure that the health of employees and customers is kept at the top of the list.

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