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Ways to Make Your Office
Better for Your Health

How you can improve your workspace healthwise

Young people in an office, smiling
Feeling good at your office will have a positive effect on your health and improve
productivity. Find ways to make your office better for your health.

It is the holidays' season and all of us are making commitments to live better and healthier after holidays. Since the office is a place where many of us spend at least eight hours a day, it makes sense that this is the place where you should start practicing your new habits. There are many ways to make your office better for your health, so let's see how you can improve your workspace.

Choose healthier seating options

Our physical wellbeing depends a lot on how we spend our waking hours. Unfortunately, the researches showed that we spend more time sitting than sleeping. That doesn't do any good for our wellbeing and our state of mind. When our body is in a sitting posture, the production of enzymes responsible for burning fat decreases drastically. That is why it's so important to take short breaks from sitting whenever possible so that our metabolism remains active.

Ergonomic chair and office desk by the window to illustrate how you can make your office better for your health.
In any office you spend much of your time sitting, so getting a good ergonomic chair
is one of the ways to make your office better for your health.

Ditching the traditional office chairs in favor of standing desks is one of the options. Ok, standing for that long might not be the most comfortable option for your feet especially if you wear high heels to work, but it is definitely better for your health than sitting all day. Working while standing is good for your lower back that often suffers when we use traditional office chairs. There are many massage therapy benefits for back pain, but massage will only treat the consequence. If you want to deal with the source of the problem, you should try a standing desk or an ergonomic chair. This chair will prevent you from slouching. It also offers lower back support and keeps your back in a healthy, natural position.

Adjust your monitor to make your office better for your health

The positioning of your computer screen affects your body position too. For optimal comfort, the top of your monitor should be at the level of your eyes when you sit properly, while the center of your screen should be some 15 degrees lower. Make sure that the viewing distance is between 20 and 40 inches, depending on the size of your monitor. For optimal ergonomics, place your keyboard and your mouse next to each other in the zone that is easy for you to reach.

Your office should be ventilated properly

The importance of fresh air is something that nobody can deny. But still, many people spend several hours a day in offices with stale air and poor ventilation. Whether you live in a tropical area like Florida, or in a state that has harsh winters like Columbus, you should make your office better for your health by proper use of air-conditioning. If you are an employer searching for premises to buy or rent, bear in mind that you should check that aspect before you transfer your business anywhere in Columbus area or to any other place.

Dedicate some space in your office for some light exercise

Exercising is not just for gyms and running tracks. A modern lifestyle requires us to spend more time in a closed area such as office so we should try and find some place where we can be physically active for short periods of time during our work hours. In many companies, workers have started dedicating their time to working out with their colleagues while at work. Not only is such a decision beneficial to their health, but it also helps them bond with each other better. Exercise helps relieve stress, boosts productivity and creativity too.

Make sure that your office gets enough light

Light is tremendously important for our physical and mental health. If you work from an office that gets enough natural light, consider yourself lucky! However, your desk should be positioned in such a way that it receives the natural light from one of the sides.

A man sitting at his desk by the window
Natural light is a bliss when it comes to working in an office on a computer,
your health and good eyesight. The best option is when natural light
comes to your workspace from a side.

When it comes to artificial light, it is good to have more light sources offering different strengths. Overhead, fluorescent light traditionally used in offices can have a negative effect on your health. It can even be the cause of hyperactivity and sleep issues. That is why it should be replaced by LED light that is closer to natural color light. Also, overhead light can never be the only source you use in your office. Add some task lighting that should be directed at your work area rather than your monitor. There are some dimmable options you can take if you are not sure which strength of light you need.

Items that motivate you will make your office better for your health

Focusing all your attention on work is great and that is exactly what your employers expect you to do. However, having some personal goals other than professional ones will keep you sane and that is why you should always have a reminder of what makes you happy within your workstation.

That can be:

• a family photo that reminds you of the love and happiness you share with your family - that will make your office better for your health mentally and physically;

• a motivational note that gives you the strength to carry on working for your goals;

• a piece of art that will inspire you to be creative;

• a framed success on the wall to remind you what you have already achieved.

A woman working on computer, with a bottle of water beside her.
Water is a "nectar of health", so keep a small bottle handy in your office
to remedy thirst
and to stretch out when you need to refill it. It's best to avoid
sitting at your desk for too long, which incidentally will help you focus better.

Keeping some healthy food at hand will make your office better for your health

Unhealthy nutrition causes many health issues. It is easier for us to make healthier dietary choices when we are at home than while at the office. But, with just a little bit of planning and discipline that can be changed. Here are some tips that you can try in order to introduce healthy eating options in your workspace:

Keep a water bottle

Always keep a water bottle within your reach, and refill it often - that will give you the opportunity to stretch your legs and your back while walking to and from a tap or a machine.

Make a meal plan

Make a meal plan at least a day in advance - even if you are ordering lunch from work, deciding in advance and when you are not hungry will help you choose better.

Foods for sugar level drops

Have some fruits, dark chocolates and nuts that you can consume when your blood sugar level drops - these are much better than milk chocolate, candies and bakery products that are filled with saturated fats.

Vitamin pills for immunity

Vitamin pills can be very useful for your immunity, especially during winter when a lot of us get sick.

People eating pizza at work
A pizza or other fast food can be tasty and tempting. It's fine sometime,
but don't make
a habit of it. Instead, create a meal plan to tempt you away
from calorie-laden fast food, which also make you feel tired fast.


Remember, your office is a place where you spend most of your day, so you should really try to make your office better for your health. That can be one of your New Year's resolutions!

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