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How to Prevent Moving Injuries

Make your relocation injury-free,
by following these steps and suggestions

Taking the time to look at your upcoming moving day from different perspectives is a good idea. If your work is in moving industry, you'd be already aware of potential for injury while doing moving work. But if you are relocating yourself, doing most of the work, it pays to heed some advice.

Man wrapping a textile band around his wrist, to prevent injury.
Unless you already work in the moving services, you might need to learn a trick or two
from those who do, or have been through relocation, to help you prevent injuries.

Consider consulting other people who have learned something through their own relocation. One of the most common moving-related issues, not nearly enough discussed, are potential injuries. It's definitely something that should be thinking about much more since getting hurt while going through this complex process is the last thing you need.

Here are some ways to prevent moving injuries and enjoy your relocation without any trouble.

Don't rush the moving process

One of the most common causes of moving injuries that are actually easily preventable is rushing. People tend to rush through the more physical parts of moving since they'd like to finish sooner rather than later. It is understandable. However, if you're in a hurry, a good thing to do is get some help. Although it's not something that you may want to hear at the moment, you need to slow down. If you don't, things could get a lot worse, and you could end up not being able to continue with your move.

Prevention is key

Another great way to prevent a moving injury is to be physically ready for the upcoming hurdle. You'll want to stay healthy during a move more than any time before. Being in good shape and having a good nutritious and hydrating routine can help much more than you'd think.

Best ways of staying healthy

There's a bunch of things that you can do to have a successful move.

Vitamins that you could take to prevent moving injuries.
In addition to preparing your body for hard work of moving, by physical exercise
to prepare your muscles for a hard work ahead, it's also important to boost your
immune system with vitamins and good nutrition.

Here are some great ways of staying healthy and preventing moving injuries:

Make sure that you eat well

Eating your fruits and veggies is vital, especially during your move when your body is enduring much more stress than usual. If you cannot, for some reason, manage to do so, there are other ways of maintaining a good balance when it comes to digestion. After all, a strong immune system starts in the stomach. If you don't have the time and all you find yourself eating is fast food, taking a daily probiotic might help. However, make sure not to make this lifestyle your habit.

Make exercise part of your everyday routine

If your body is warmed up, the chances for moving injuries will reduce to a minimum. This means that you might want to think about stretching and taking walks as much as possible in addition to your regular fitness regimen. The more you're moving and staying active, the better-prepared your body will be for the upcoming strains.

Boost your immune system

Having your immune system at its peak is an excellent way to prevent moving injuries. Taking some supplements that'll support your immune system is another great way to make your body less prone to moments of lower energy and weakness.

Man stretching his leg on an old bridge, getting ready for a jog.
Stretching prepares your body physically and mentally for an exercise or a hard
physical work, such as moving. It's a good injury-prevention practice to adopt.

Do your research

Make sure to be aware of the most common moving injuries to be able to prevent them:

 Back injuries

Back injuries are prevalent. And they're much more likely to happen during moving. For this reason, you need to pay your back some extra attention to prevent injuries in the region.

 Lifting injuries

Injuring different muscle groups or even getting a hernia is much more common during relocating. This is mostly because people aren't used to lifting items that weigh that much, and they don't have the right technique. Lifting with a straight back, keeping a wide base of support, squatting, and lifting with your hips and knees instead of your back or tummy should do the trick.

 Feet and toes injuries

As silly as it may sound, many moving injuries could have been prevented if people had paid just a bit more attention. Dropping heavy objects is an incredibly frequent way of hurting yourself when carrying boxes and furniture.

 Forgetting about old injuries

No matter if you think that the shoulder injury you once had isn't a problem any longer, you always need to keep it in the back of your mind. Make sure to prevent a possible moving injury by being extra cautious with any previous injuries.

A drawing of a spine.
Preventing moving injuries is primarily connected to preventing back injuries
since they are the most common kind, whenever there is heavy lifting involved.

Reduce stress to prevent injuries during moving

Although preventing moving injuries might not sound all that connected to your psyche, it is. If your mind is elsewhere, you won't be able to focus. Lack of focus could lead to a lot of moving mistakes, one of which is seriously hurting yourself. Your worrying or distress won't solve anything. Even though this is common knowledge, people tend to give in to the pressure and lose track of what's really important.

Hiring a moving company to prevent moving injuries

Getting a moving company will help with stress in more ways than one. Being professionals, they will eliminate the possibility of injuries. Moreover, they'll save you from wasting a lot of time and energy on some insignificant details. They'll also help you with anything you're not familiar with. Since being well-informed is important, but you have no time to waste, asking your moving company all the necessary questions will make it easier to go through this move.

What if you're too late

If you've failed at preventing moving injuries, don't agonize over it right away. Luckily, most of these injuries aren't that severe, and you'll be able to recover soon. Dealing with problems and injuries isn't easy. However, it is doable. If you end up needing some physical therapy or a prolonged resting period, make sure to listen to the doctor's advice and actually follow through.

A man that couldn't prevent his moving injury getting a back massage to try and fix it.
If you couldn't manage to prevent a moving injury, you could always try to salvage it
with an appropriate massage to aid healing of the injury.

Make sure that your equipment is appropriate and that your space is tidy

Something else that people frequently forget about is having the proper surroundings for your move. It is seemingly insignificant, but if you have inappropriate moving gear or are moving in a chaotic environment, you'll have a much harder time doing so. Make sure that you're relocating in an organized manner that'll ensure your safety.

Moving is a stressful endeavor, no doubt about that. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to prevent moving injuries, eliminating them from the equation. As you have read, there are numerous ways to do so. In the end, you want to be able to relocate as stress-free as possible so you can start on the right note in your new home.

Photos by Unsplash and Pixabay

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