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Consequences of Not Having a Work-Life Balance
and What You Can Do About It

5 things happen when you have a lack of work life balance

Excelling in only one aspect of your life doesn’t mean success. Being successful is having a work-life balance to develop yourself holistically. However, the generation today has become more and more inclined to their careers. Some even call themselves “workaholics.” Sadly, this is becoming a serious problem considering that their personal life and health is absolutely affected by it.

Don't miss out on life while you work
Lack of work life balance can have serious consequences
on your personal life and health,
unless you take precautions
and limit time spent on pursuing your work or career goals only.

Here are some consequences that you have to face if you forget to maintain a work-life balance:

1. You will be less productive

Face it -- Working non-stop won’t give you anything good. The typical office work hours is around 8-9 hours, and that’s even more than what is studied to be a healthy number of work hours. Good thing there is such thing as break time. But working for a longer time and struggling to finish a one week task in just a day or two will make you lose focus and commit more errors. Take a break once in a while and don’t try to do everything in one sitting. Start fresh every day, you’ll see - you cannot be more productive when you don't have enough sleep and rest.

2. You miss out a lot of fun

While you’re in the office working as hard as you could, your families and friends are either home eating a nice dinner on the table or going out on a Friday night to unwind. And you, stuck with all the paper works or thinking about your plans for next month (yes, you’re already that advanced since you don’t stop working). Then you’ll realize, you don’t know what’s happening with everybody now. Give yourself a day off. Or maybe an hour or two a day to enjoy yourself or other’s company. It’s not bad at all.

3. You forget to take care of your self

Rushing to the office because you woke up late because you worked till midnight. Is that your common scenario every morning? You better start thinking about it. Having a lack of sleep will give you big round black areas around your eyes. You will always look stressed and yes, you will not look good at all. We’re not encouraging being vain and focusing on the looks, but your physical appearance will still reflect how you are doing on the inside.

4. Your health suffers

If you are always busy, don’t eat on time, sleep few hours a day and stress yourself about work, your immune system will definitely be at stake. It is not worth to spend your time to make your body weak because of working too much. All the money that you earn is not enough to keep your body healthy. As they say, “It’s as if you are saving for your hospital bills in the future.” Do you want that? You might want to think again.

Too much work causes health problems
Spending too much time on your work and alienating yourself
from your family and loved ones
can cause your health to suffer,
as well as affect your psychological wellbeing.

5. You are drawn away from the people/ things that you love

The people close to you wouldn’t be that close anymore. It’s like you are putting a “Great Wall of Work” around you from other people. You might end up hurting them -- your parents, spouse and children. We know that time can never be taken back, so give it to who matters most. Of course, we are working for them, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t give them enough time and attention anymore. It’s not about the quantity of time that you give to them. It’s the quality of even just a few hours every day that you spend making them feel loved and appreciated.

6. You are not happy

Who would be happy being alone, stressed, sick and outdated?

Too much of everything will cause you no good so better check your priorities again and make it balanced.


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