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Youth Gems® Face Pack

Youth Gems Face Pack 50ml cream

Peptide-based complex pack contains face mask cream for facial skin care, to improve your skin condition

Made in Russia
Shipped from United Kingdom

50 ml cream

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Face Mask

Youth Gems face pack contains peptide-based face mask cream that's used for facial skin care. This face mask will improve your skin condition and help against aging one of your most exposed skin areas. In addition to peptide complex, this face cream also contains ginseng extract. This herbal extract provides a range of health benefits.

The essential ingredients in Face Mask are 4 short-chain peptide bioregulators, each with specific beneficial effects. These peptides have been further combined with other valuable ingredients, for a complete Face Mask preparation. These additional ingredients, as outlined below, have been proven in the field of beauty and aesthetic medicine.

Youth Gems ingredients

These peptide-based Youth Gems® skin care preparations contain these ingredients:

- 4 peptides: thymus gland, blood vessels, cartilage and pineal gland peptides
- bioantioxidant complex Neovitin®, isolated from ginseng
- cocoa oil for healing and toning effects
- cold-pressed argain oil, with vitamins E and F
- freash water sponge, anti-inflammatory extract

- green tea extract with polyphenols and vitamins B, C, K and E
- sweet almond extract, for skin smoothness and elasticity
- vitamin E, natural antioxidant to protect skin against oxidizing
- winter bloom for cleansing effect on the skin
- yeast extract, for prevention of baggy skin
- and more...

How to purchase Youth Gems Face Pack

 Face Pack is available in bottle packs of 50ml cream
 You can buy one or more bottle of Face Mask
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 Face Mask online purchase price is in British pounds

Face Mask application:
This cream preparation has been designed to be used for facial skin care. It helps to cleanse skin deeply, improve its texture and level the complexion. It can also soothe small wrinkles. A regular use will make the skin look fresh and elastic, to help you fight facial skin aging.

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